Greg Hunter Interview: Gerald Celente - The Bubble Is About to Burst

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Greg Hunter interviews Gerald Celente, top trends research and publisher of The Trends Journal, about geopolitics, election, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (01:29) What are your thoughts on the upcoming U.S. elections?;
  • (13:23) What is your forecast for the U.S. elections?;
  • (16:59) What are your thoughts on the Oregon lockdown being extended?;
  • (18:51) What are the chances that Nancy Pelosi will not win re-election?;
  • (23:31) What do your think about all the free stuff being offered?;
  • (26:06) Is the U.S. economy on the edge of a precipice?;
  • (30:32) Where do you think gold and silver prices are going to go?;
  • (34:09) Tell us about the Trends Journal?;
  • And more...

37 minute video by Greg Hunter published 8 September 2020

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Trump Will Defeat Massive Voter Fraud and Win – Gerald Celente


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Great job sir thanks for continue here informational series.

Thanks ☺️ Mike sir for sharing new series good topic about election and money everything.

interesting interview with GREG HUNTER, thank you for sharing, good luck

I like the way you break down the Videos...Gold is going to the Moon, and Silver is going to Mars...
September 9, 2020... 2.7 Hollywood Time...

Hola @etcmike Gracias por esta entrevista realmente buena o mejor dicho un excelente recordatorio…

Thank you so much for sharing a great video with GREG HUNTER, have a great week