Greg Hunter Interview: Rob Kirby -- Monetizing the Debt and Billion$ Lining Up to Get Physical Gold

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Greg Hunter interviews Rob Kirby, macroeconomic analyst at, about the economy, gold, and markets.


  • (00:04) Audit report of U.S. gold reserves held by Federal Reserve Banks;
  • (01:10) What do you think of this audit?;
  • (02:45) Wouldn't you have to do a lot of work to audit an entity's gold holdings?;
  • (03:26) Why was this audit report produced?;
  • (05:35) Why would the audit report state all the gold is "safe"?;
  • (09:11) Venezuela asking for their gold back that is held in other countries;
  • (10:37) Why are countries asking for their gold back?;
  • (14:10) Why do you think countries are not getting their gold back? Is a debt reset being anticipated?;
  • (16:10) How tight is the global gold market?;
  • (17:12) Is the big money buying the story from the main stream media?;
  • (18:34) How hard is it to get tonnage of gold and silver?;
  • (20:53) Are you seeing a lot of roadblocks to purchasing physical gold?;
  • (22:36) Life Cycle of Fiat Currency as it relates to the U.S. dollar;
  • (28:13) Are countries afraid the debt bubble is going to pop?;
  • (30:10) What are you hearing from large gold buyers?;
  • (31:09) Is the U.S. going to have to default on its debt?;
  • (35:26) Is the currency reset going to be a gold-backed currency?;
  • (40:26) Can the U.S. admit that the U.S. has no gold reserves?;
  • (43:54) Is a U.S. dollar collapse imminent?;
  • (49:29) Is it a red flag (warning) that countries cannot repatriate their gold?;
  • And more...

56 minute video by Greg Hunter published 17 November 2018

Link Associated with this Interview

Growth Rate of US Dollar Gone Vertical – Rob Kirby


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that's all they do , an been doing . Dumping money into a broken system , printing money out of control electronically . we are on spin cycle about now . soon the red light on the machine will come on

Excellent interview, my friend and it is very useful for financial acquaintance! Thank you @etcmike

Great interview series Mike sir thanks for sharing.

Great series Mike sir, thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the new interview with Greg Hunter

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