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RE: AGAIN! Simultaneous Slam Down Of Gold And Silver Derivatives! See For Yourself (CHART). G. Mannarino

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This is the reason to own actual physical silver and gold, more silver than gold from what the experts say, and to keep it in your possession or in a trusted non-bank vault.

Mr. Mannarino, what's your opinion on the silver to gold ratio and the potential profit to be had from buying more silver than gold? Do you agree with the people like Mike Maloney?

To everyone: One of these days all these 0's and 1's are going to disappear, and people will be left with only the things in their possession. Will the things left in your possession be weights around your neck like a house mortgage and other debts?

Or... Will you have no debts and have precious metals, barter items, and supplies instead?


@finnian...Great analysis. You will be safe.

Thank you! I plan to be. My objective is to have all the basics and then many different investment baskets so to speak. I never want to lose everything regardless of what happens. It's the wisest way to go. There's a very popular person on here, who I would never name, that has "almost all" of her wealth tied up in crypto. I politely cautioned her that it was a very bad idea.

@finnian...You are even more diversified then me. I'm in physical Gold and a bit Silver and some Fiat-Money on the bank and 2 Cryptos. Ether and Steem. The only crpytos with use in real life but no Bitcoin.

I own ZenCash. If you have the time, I'd check it out. Their mission is something I support for moral reasons alone.

@finnian...I studied short ZenCash. I like the aim "private and secure platform" a lot. I knew Zcash. I think it's similar or ZenCash uses even Zcash. Very interesting.

ZenCash is a hard fork from the original. They forked for good reasons too to improve the coin's capabilities. It is, as far as I know, one of the few that is actually anonymous.

@finnian...ah ok. Then I know 1 more thing.

@mafsteem @finnian it's really ridiculous to really put all of your assets on the crypto.A good investor should not do that.I did not understand why I did something like this??

@aquia10...we are all learning every day.

@mafsteem I'm learning something about you.Thank you so much..

Yes, please spread your savings around to better protect them.

@finnian I think it is much more sensible to separate investment into pieces if you invest only once

You can buy gold with your bitcoins at
There are also blockchain based platforms operating gold-backed cryptoassets.

They don't use a third party to convert the BTC to fiat? I thought all such services did. As a PI I will accept crypto for payment, but it's very risky due to volatility. Most people want to convert it to something more stable very quickly. I want to have possession of my PM's too or have them in a non-bank private vault.

@finnian...exactly. Just physical Gold in own position is safe.

I'm still curious to see if Greg agrees on the more up side for silver though. Gold is a lot easier to carry however. ;-)

@finnian...I think Greg is very busy. Almost all experts tell this. History showed it too. It's better to have more Silver in weight. The problem is to store more silver. Gold is much more compact.

Love to read it ..