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RE: Wall Street Is About To Have A Field Day With Bitcoin Futures, Here's How. By Gregory Mannarino

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I am concerned that "Satoshi" was a Wall Street group all along, and that "his" 50% of the bitcoin is about to hit the market in a brutal way. That said, I also know they tried to "bait" us into a deeper control matrix with the internet, and that backfired. Seriously. I think they may have tried to drive people into cryptocurrency with the plan of grabbing the reins of control lightly until enough momentum was built up. The hardest people to move to digital currency SHOULD be the ones who understand fiat. By making cryptos "rebellious" they got the rebels in first. However, by getting the rebels all on board, when they go to try to tighten their grip it may not go as smoothly as they envisioned.


But would a "Wall St Satoshi" have dared to put out something as disruptive as bitcoin? Also, Wall St may be clever and devious, but maybe not as wise as Satoshi.

Greg has a great point, and it appears that the powers-that-bleed-us-dry are already trying to manipulate the price of bitcoin. Not sure if they'll succeed, but we can all be sure that Wall St will make a strenuous effort to manipulate, control, and profit from cryptocurrencies.

While they can ....

The story of options, legal theft and near financial collapse. Learn history or repeat history.

That is an interesting and plausible perspective.