Frugal 2018 Cyber Monday Deals

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Bargains Amongst The Consumerism Heap

I've been looking for deals that I could use, not just saving a few hundred on a TV. (My TV is from 2008 and works just fine, thank you. ) I don't need to load up on a bunch of new products just because they are cheap. I just wanted to see if there is anything out there that is worthwhile. I'm looking for a discounted service or product that I am interested in, and I am not interested in much that is out there.

But here are a few items that I found and have deemed worthy of a frugal individual.

hulu cyber monday 2018.png

Hulu for 99 cents per month for 12 months.

You can use eBates to get an additional $5 back there too bringing the cost down to just $7 for the year. I find myself watching Hulu more than Netflix nowadays.

If you are already subscribed to Hulu, you might try getting a friend or partner to sign up and then use that new account to snag this great deal.

Lodge cast iron cyber monday 2018.png

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle. 10.5” Griddle, 8” Skillet, 10.25” Skillet, 10.25” Dutch Oven, and 10.25” Lid

Lodge Cast Iron is a good quality product for the buck. This deal goes for $69.95, which is about half-price.

ClassPass cyber Monday 2018.png

ClassPass is offering a free trial membership.

It is a monthly membership type thing to fitness classes. You get credits to use for a variety of fitness classes, whatever is in your area. I had things from boxing classes to boot camps to jazzercise. Normal price varies, but in my area I can get 5-8 classes for $35/month. Maybe this isn't the most frugal, but it certainly isn't the worst.

You can sign up for the free trial, use the credits to go to about 6 fitness classes, and cancel. Though if you ever want to subscribe again there is a $79 re-activation fee but it says you can put your account on hold instead to not be charged.


The cryptomarket is in discount! :)

If you're interested, Jack Miller mentioned some good deals that Mene has, something like free gold, literally.

I went Black Friday shopping once. I pulled into the parking lot, looked at the line, and went home. There is nothing I need that badly, no matter how much it costs.

Yeah, that shit is nuts. I do enjoy watching the vids of it though, especially when someone does a compilation video of short clips.

I got myself a notebook that will lasts forever (It's cleanable and scannable by phone) so I'll not need to buy a notebook for note taking ever again and I'll actually use this one.

I will buy myself (today - assuming I receive the money in time) a Whole Genome Sequencing Test as this will always be useufl fo rhealth reasons and can save lots of money (I', saving 75% if I order now).

And I got myself a blender which I will use to make stuff. I wanted one for 2 years now :).

And I might get few books but I can wait with that as they are not on discount :). And maybe some Sketchpads as I want to learn how to draw and pencil seems to be best for that.

How do I sign up for Ebates?

Just head to the ebates website and you will see the sign up button.

Those are some decent deals. I'm surprised to see the price so low on Hulu. They do have some entertaining shows, and I tend to watch them more than Netflix. Netflix just don't have that great of programming, in my opinion.

I might consider the cast iron deal, but we already have some of the pieces, so we'd just be doubling up. I might get the dutch oven, but we've been doing fine so far, so I'll probably only get it if a specific needs comes up. Nice finds though!

Yeah, I really enjoy Hulu - even over Netflix.

It's just that I noticed the commericals are getting really long on some shows. Like 90 or 120 seconds when before the longest was 30 or 45 seconds.

I don't watch much live tv, maybe a football game here or there. It's always a shock to me how many ads they have. It's hard to comprehend that people spend so much of their lives watching ads.

It is sad that Lodge doesn't offer a smooth machined inside surface.
Well, i guess Lodge is all about the rough country appearance.

But, to get that really nice deep mirror surface, it is so much easier to start with a machined surface.

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