Gold Coin (GLD): Terminal Phase of Correction is the time to BUY!

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Goldcoin (GLD) is likely approaching it's terminal phase of the correction since a triple combination of wxyxz sequence ends in z which has at most an incremental lower low to hit before turning up.

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BUy low sell high!

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can u plz analysis steem till end of 2018

All Crypto analysis posts can be seen on the bitcoinLive site. BitcoinLive

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Many coin rise when bitcoin drop...

it's great what about neo coin will perform till september : )

All Crypto analysis posts can be seen on the bitcoinLive site. BitcoinLive

ok boss thank you for the link : )

The currency correction is the same as that of the teeth. It works by mechanical pressure and in cryptos everything is gas.

Hmm, very interesting metaphor. Though, mechanics are purely sentiment based. There are attempts to manipulate, but they usually go in the direction of sentiment.

It's a good for everyone to earn huge money but this project will be successful, why i am talk about (GLD) because of Bitcoin every altcoin are depend upon Bitcoin so I'm asking you man what is your opinion about it @haejin