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Here is VERGE (XVG) which is executing very well the Hurry Up & Wait syndrome. What is this? Cryptos have a genetic trait and that is they almost always rush the impulse 1,2,3,4,5 waves up but then carry out a excruciatingly slow corrections! At times, the correction is slower than molasses flowing uphill, outdoors in the middle of February in Canada!

The chart below shows the length of time it took for the impulse waves to be placed (first blue horizontal line). The length of time it is curerntly projected to take for the a,b,c,d,e triangle is about 3.5x! This is what a Crypto trader should expect. If a correction seems too quick, than most likely it is! Always expect and project a very lengthy correction!

Here is a closer up of VERGE with an updated chart showing that price is in progress of putting in the d wave.

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So many people who missed the ripple wave are now trying to make money through XVG.
It is like a pump and done scanerio.

As a Canadian, I can verify that molasses does go very slow that time of year. Not sure how Haejin gets it to go up hill. But you can bet if he says it will go up, I'll hodl molasses!

I upvoted this post because I also invested and patiently waiting for Verge to make a good profit. Hopefully soon.

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Nice comment fellow Canadian.
"I'm hodlling molasses to, If Master Haejin said it was going up !"
I am looking forward to seeing VERGE at $1 by "Anarchapulco" in Acapulco, Mexico

Anarchy - Acapulco & Superman comic style?! is that true?
They are planning the next year meeting in Cancun?

Acapulco & Superman comic style? Is what true?

The Anarchapulco Conference is always in Acapulco, Mexico.

Yeah, Ok. sorry for the mistake, mate. I´d been thinking in another thing, for sure. I wish you a nice trip to Acapulco.

Guess not huh?

I'm a fat American, I would eat it despite wanting to HODL it :(

as an australian . what is a molasses haha

is it moment for buying ?

I've elaborated a little on your analysis my friend:

XVERGE (XVG) - Analysis (130% POTENTIAL PROFIT) — Steemit

xvg explain.png

Another excellent article

Yes, sometimes the Hodl Hodl is the hardest part of the process. Crypto has made us all impatient 3 year olds!

Slow and low, let yourself go. Slow and low, that is the tempo! Where is this from?

It's never old school, all brand new.
So everybody catch, the bugaloo flu.

Beastie Boys first album. 1986.


Informative post :D

XVG/BTC at Hitbtc looks very done in the triangle

They had some good news. So we may see another impulse pretty soon. I'm really wishing XVG would moon before TRON. The charts make me drool. At least MCO, EOS, XLM did well for me.

Same here. I m hoping so much that verge goes up to 0.25-0.30 then i get my huge losses back and can jump to trx and the rest i ll split in about 7 coins/tokens.... but it seems to take his time .....ZzzZzzzZZz

It is so funny to see the news arrive to justify any chart by the elliot waves.

I really hope so ,I also have been holding a back of verge for a while now .The charts that make me drool is the civic chart .An amazing price potenial

added to my position in CVC last night. I am gearing up on promising charts/great project pairs for potential long term HODLing. CVC is on that list for sure.

Very true about Civic. It's really useful. But at the moment not many are utilizing their services. It could easily be $50 in 2-3 years unless competition get tough. Keep an eye on Metaverse. They are chewing more than they could swallow but if they do pull off, NEO would become meh in the eyes of everyone.

Metaverse now officially on my watch list . Keep an eye on digibyte it's sleeping giant .

I saw it few months ago and it was the better and more legit Bitcoin. You could pretty much all it the real Bitcoin. I'd still prefer Dash I see it hitting 20K this year. But I do have to agree that DGB is a sleeping giant.

Civic $50 in 2/3 years? I dont think so. There are far better competitors.

same for xvg/btc at Binance.


i guess not huh?

That's called consistency !

I'll be the first one to predict that @haejin is going to be the 14th most followed steemian in 4 hours. Anybody willing to bet otherwise???

Would be interesting to get this charted and put some elliot waves on his follower counts :)

That would take some programming skill to gather data. I only know basic programming.

It's too long since I did any programming :/
The data should be ok to extract and present, maybe there already is a steem app doing this?

I don't know any apps currently doing this. is down for some reason. One could have taken their data to make a graph. could also be crawled for data if you know how to write the App.

Many apps have had trouble connecting to steem lately, might be the reason

What do you think we are, gamblers? Like we want to take risks with our money?? :D

I was expecting this wonderful thing called "Backbone" which is colloquially referred as Balls. The informed being make ballsy bets when they see a good winning opportunity:
@haejin for #14 for the time being and @vimukthi for say..... #1000

why 4 hours?

I hope you are right!

Could you please analyse Omisego?

damn @haejin you got 600 views in less than a minute. We have all been waiting for this! thank you soooo much!

It amazes me how his posts look like a complete clickbait and random lines drawn in MS Paint, but in the end he's almost always right :D

supply and demand lol. we all know we are addicted to it!
the guy is too good at what he does.
not only his accuracy on the calls overall... but sometimes to the last penny....Uncanny indeed

excellent info.

Verge is a shitcoin.. they call it privacy coin but where's the privacy? anyway the price is controlled by pump and dump.. if only they can actually make it privacy coin then the real value will go up.. but for now it's a waste.. one may profit if they become a part of that pump and dump scam but the profit will come from the loss of another person..

The privacy is in that it doesnt give away the location of the person sending Verge.

As I find this interesting, I think that technical analysis are too early for most cryptos right now in the sense that they are so volatile and can change just cause of a twitt or a fake info... fundamental analysis are your best friend for now. When Cryptos will stabilize more, then technical analysis will be a crucial tool.

Look into XSPEC / Spectre! It's not as well known, but at the top of all the security / privacy coins... I think it's a sleeper coin, and could possibly go up 20-100x when it catches on.

It also allows staking which is nice i think


XVG great potential i think it will be huge in the future

I see something diffrent on XVG/BTC on Binance


but i m quite new at this and i may be wrong... but i m here to learn. :)

You might be very right in your lines here!

got same...

im pretty worried just a second as the eth pairing for XVG in binance is showing a descending triangle, would this further affect the xvg price @haejin ?

ETH/USD pair went up during that period. On the other hand, BTC/USD is still correcting. Count for that, and XVG/ETH descending triangle is not a troublesome news. I count mostly on XVG/BTC charts, since XVG/BTC pair seems to have most volume. So I hope that it will end the correction soon and start climbing it way up. May just be a wishful thinking :D

Love your analysis @haejin ! I think recent verge growth was most likely caused by McAfee pumps in twitter...are you really bullish about it? I'd love to know your thoughts...

this baby had been such a slow one even before christmas, feel like ditching it so i can use the funds for other ground floor opportunities recommended by haejin. that triangle had definitely becoming a bermuda triangle where time is trapped and time is money.

How to find the bermuda triangle, haha when you have 3 triangles inside a big one and you have verge symbol as a V triangle. So you have a total of 5 triangles today. - Demonstrating and proving that the hurry up and wait syndrome is driving me nuts for a one month long waiting game....

that would be quite the long-term hodl, haha thankyou for the analysis again!!

Guys check out my XVG TA as well. I also do elliot wave analysis.

Waiting for this so long
HODL guys!

The fifth wave should be longer... actualy the longest.. not 3rd wave

Why do you think that? This is pretty common. Often the extended 5. waves comes after 4.wave beeing a handle for a former cup, but here the handle is coming after a full cycle.

I too wish for an extended 5th. They crash pretty hard (Eg: TRON) but that's fine since Dash is way better than Verge anyways.

From what I've read wave 3 can't be the shortest but it can be the longest.

That's the time you should buy more so you don't panic sell :)

its hard to do that when there is so many negative things said about Verge

Do you think the next impulse will take a lot of time too?
Or correction and next impulse aren't correlated one another?

resteem this post!!


its silent beast :) now going to grab some more

I also see Verge as a good investment.
This crypto had different critics due it's "Fake" anonymous transactions, but i see that they move forward with their developments, have a good marketcap and also are releasing a new process protocol called Wraith.

I think that we have to see again a good escalation for this crypto. ;)

week or so ago you predited 5$ now only 1$... you opinion changes every day. This just proves - those "predictions" based on price in the past charts are nonsense.

Its time frames.... $1 then $5.50 then over $100, my call

lol now Mcap of verge is 2 billion, it need to be 1176 billion, to have price 100$

$100 is little high, but $5 is realistic for end of 2018. Nobody knows where crypto goes, but for sure nobody thought it will be where it is now for end of 2017. So lets expect the unexpected and say $1.7 is pretty good and realistic for now.

Monero is only 6.5 billion mcap w over $400 price tag. Just a few short months ago wasnt worth shit. What am i missing?

Monero have such a better set up than Verge. When Verge get there new website up etc, that will be the news that comes to jusitfy the forcast.

Exactly! And verge has the ability to take monero down, biggley! :)

But now the whales are tearing XVG apart, I just saw at Bittrex
They are buying and selling with 10 satoshi differencial only

you aren't considering the circulating supply as well as the max circulating supply. ripple has a much much larger circulating supply and so considering basic supply and demand concepts, the supply is far greater therefore the price increase will not be comparable. the only reason bitcoin is worth what it is is because of its very small circulating supply.

I consider much. Ty kindly

You need to make a difference between longterm and shortterm. Longterm is >1 year, shortterm is on verge 1 or two month. Verge loves moving sidewards. If you are pissed cause of his "predictions", make your own "predictions" and get out. By the way, his predictions are technical anaylisis and just help you to orientate in the market. He is never telling anything about time, just about price. So you have nothing to claim.

he predicted 1,7$ not 5$ so there is a big difference

he also predicted $5.50, but that was before the missed deadline and was not for beginning of 2018. @Haejin always says that time is hard to predict, not the value.

and yet, almost a year later, and the price if far far away from his target...

Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more post from you.

Thanks for sharing such a good meaningful post. I liked it. Looking forward to your post man @haejin

2 Days ago i had predicted about XVG.
Anyone can get more good idea who are on #HODL.

It's it bit different than you recommended last week. I am pretty new here, what is the reason that it changed?

Thank you for all the updates every time!

Thanks i just bought long will it take to reach 1$??

time is hard to predict

Some views on emc2 also.

My goodness.. I feel like about 100 cryptos look just like that bottom chart right now. Really feel like the fuse has been lit on a bottle rocket. The rocket is this entire market.

Thanks for all of these charts and analysis. I check them out every day and am slowly learning to do them myself.

Got to be quote of the year right there " slower than molasses flowing uphill, outdoors in the middle of February in Canada!" I love it

the year is only 13 days old to be fair lol

@haejin Could you please post an update now that it has broken the support line within the triangle?

Thnx always

Haejin's analysis with little help from this Pump group is a nice little bonus to your portfolio

I'm in verge for the long haul so I am not worried whether it takes a while or not. I got in low enough to wait. Cheers for the post

Thank you for this info, blessings🙏🙏

Sir Cardano's Analysis Please!

your prediction peak is 1st of April. thats Easter in australia . wake up eat some chocolate for breakfast and sell the shit outta my xvg lets hope

He doesn't predict the time, he said that many times before.. He predicts the targets.

yess, need to wait

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waiting for the whale😁

Hi I am following to u and your articles are very interesting good going best of luck to you. I am new to steemit follow me and upvote me.

Do you recommend some selling at "D" then buying at "E"? I have a good amount of verge but would like some MOAR, or is it too risky? Thank you for the Analysis

To me it failed every single time i tried it, since the points of return where not at the height predicted/expected.

Maybe some laddering around these two points would get something better out of it, probably for now I will hold still then, I failed last time too. Shame

your last prediction on OST didn't check out at all what would make this one any better?

you are the best ! It's down for the D.

Thanks as always

I am still trying to get my head around all of this stuff but thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

I was fortunate enough to enter XVG at low price, here for the long haul. I am more curious about the TRX's future movement

What do you think now?

XVG can pump the balances more than enough.

Go Verge! Thanks Haejin!

Checkout my NEO update, what do you think: NEO Revised Target $22.63!!

Wow a ZEC video taken from @haejin, under a NEO title and update with a target that it reached a few months ago, either you pasted the wrong "everything" or you mean to spam ?. I suggest a quick fix before you get flagged by many. Peace be with you