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RE: 1/2/18 Post Market Wrap Up. PLUS: Things YOU MUST Pay Attention To And Profit From. By Gregory Mannarino

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Hope you and everyone had a Great Christmas and New Years Gregory.
You look great, Full of Spirit!

Not to suprising the NASDAQ is over 7000 - Lets watch and see them pump/n/dump 10,000 by June / then a correction

Bond Manipulation will continue has it not always? :)

Inflation for sure thru 2018

$2500 Gold ounce and $50 Silver ounce by June

End of 2018 $3400 Gold and $150 Silver

SWIFT Banks failures and closer's begin by the end of 2018

Earthquake and/or Tsunami event happens day before or after SWIFT banks close.

Heads up and load up on BTS and/or LTC


@healthiswealth...Great analyse. BTS and LTC are most probably a very good choice for 2018. BTC/LTC I'm not touching because mining is at 80% in China. China can this way probably destroy this Cryptos. BTS/EOS I'm cautious because it is secured with delegated proof of stake. There are just 30 or 100 Servers they secure the Blockchain. For Steemit I think this is ok because it is the only way to make Steemit work. With Ether it would be much too expensive. My Cryptos are Ether and Steemit.

I love STEEM! I will not sell some until $100 - should be by June.

ETH - I have 100 - will sell 10 @ $1500 to take some profits and add to my stack of Silver as a hedge.

@healthiswealth...very good thinking. I can learn from you. From where do you have this predictions? Clif High? It sounds crazy but nevertheless realistic.

I am a subscriber to Clif High

@jerrybanfield posts convinced me on where the price of STEEM is going.

@haejin Convinced me on BTS, ETH, VERGE, DOGE, LTC, with his charting.

I have been a long time subscriber to Gerald Celente

I have followed Gregory at @MarketReport for years.

Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter :

@healthiswealth...I follow them since maybe 1 year. A bit too late. I missed a lot. But better late then never.

Wonder if we will see a significant dip in PMs right before the market correction as it occurred at the end of 2008.

I am counting on a drop of PM's before the market correction.
Back the Truck up at $6 oz of Silver Everyone!