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RE: VERGE (XVG): The Hurry Up & Wait Syndrome

in #money4 years ago (edited)

As a Canadian, I can verify that molasses does go very slow that time of year. Not sure how Haejin gets it to go up hill. But you can bet if he says it will go up, I'll hodl molasses!


I upvoted this post because I also invested and patiently waiting for Verge to make a good profit. Hopefully soon.

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Nice comment fellow Canadian.
"I'm hodlling molasses to, If Master Haejin said it was going up !"
I am looking forward to seeing VERGE at $1 by "Anarchapulco" in Acapulco, Mexico

Anarchy - Acapulco & Superman comic style?! is that true?
They are planning the next year meeting in Cancun?

Acapulco & Superman comic style? Is what true?

The Anarchapulco Conference is always in Acapulco, Mexico.

Yeah, Ok. sorry for the mistake, mate. I´d been thinking in another thing, for sure. I wish you a nice trip to Acapulco.

Guess not huh?

I'm a fat American, I would eat it despite wanting to HODL it :(

as an australian . what is a molasses haha

is it moment for buying ?