Want Free Crypto? Don't Waste Your Time With Faucets

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Really?? More Free Money??

freemoney (1).jpeg

Today is Thirsty Thursday аnd we have OVER $200 of FREE CRYPTO


Claim 250 Bates ($12.5) EASY
Claim 50 SEED ($5) EASY
Claim 1000 DGTX ($30) EASY
Claim 500 Axel ($26) MEDIUM Use referral code 1217218633 to support us
Claim 1500 SPH ($150) MEDIUM
Claim 500 EVH ($25) MEDIUM

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About The Projects

Coinbates (BATES)

Coinbates is a decentralized platform that offers money back for purchases using Cryptocurrency. Shop at your favorite merchants such as Target, Macy's and more while earning crypto cash back rewards.

Superbloom (SEED)

Superbloom is a decentralized exchange that allows users to earn free tokens just by holding SEED. Anytime a new token is listed on the Superbloom exchange, all users holding SEED at that time will be airdropped tokens.

Digitex (DGTX)

Digitex is a decentralized crypto exchange focused on offering streamlined futures trading options. HOT!

Axel (AXEL)

Axel is a decentralized content marketplace that gives users more control over the digital content that they create.

Spheroid Universe (SPH)

Spheroid Universe is a decentralized Augmented Reality platform, allowing users to purchase, own and trade virtual spaces that are tied to physical locations on earth. Each Space can hold various kinds of AR content.

Evolth (EVH)

Evolth is a browser native stablecoin developed to power a scalable, instant payment network based on DAG infrastructure and Hedera Hasgraph consensus. Evolth is building a streamlined new payment experience around digital currencies.

Thanks for joining @ICOsandwhich today!

We will be posting a list of the Best Airdrops every Thursday!

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Made by - @ICOsandwhich


Airdrops needs lot of patience and time , u cannot start earning right away . Need to wait for the right time .however I am ready to check your options

toooo truueee

glad you like the content @shahid-koka.

did you sign up for the airdrops?

No dear. Plz explain

All of the coins that I listed are giving away free tokens to people who sign up for their platform and perform a few actions. Some of them, like Coinbates and Superbloom, just take a few minutes and you've made a couple bucks!

I'm going to put out one post a week highlighting the ones that I think are best and easiest.

I also have a weekly newsletter that has even better airdrops! You can sign up for that by click on this link.

For some of these airdrops I earn a referral bonus when others sign up for them, so it's a way for me to earn some income while helping other people to!

You could share some of these with your network and earn more free crypto!

It seems to be good, but it does not convince me at all

haha yes @ivelevitico, some of these are surely shams, but if you choose the right ones you can make some money!

Thank you for this information. Since I am new to the cryptocurrency world I was hoping to learn more from these posts.

awesome @jemica16 let us know if you have any questions

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One of the best posts I have seen In a long time. This is genuine, and very helpful to get people like me into crypto for free, will follow and resteem for sure!

oh awesome @oldmangainz. Thank you so much for the encouraging post. If you want to learn more you can always ask a question and I will do my best to answer.

Nice write up, keep up the great content.

Personally I use Crowdholding. They are a platform where you can earn crypto by giving feedback to tasks. There are also bounties and airdrops. They have over 28k sign ups and over 50 projects. These guys are growing rapidly and I advise anyone to get in now before they become the big boys in the playground. https://www.crowdholding.com

huh, moi moi interesante @phoenixdown-dee

Thank you for sharing

That is very nice. I will look into all these. Does the one that says it works at target and macys work in the states?

yes! it allows people from the US to sign up

I will sign-up for sure! I love free coins :) And i will share this great news on my site www.crypto-meth.com

Thanks and keep sharing :)

you are welcome @danixmarie. Be sure to subscribe for all of the hottest airdrops!

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Byteball is doing a airdrop on Steemit, where you can get 10 $ - 160 $ for free. More infos here.


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Nice job!

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He danke für diese wertvolle Info.
Kenne zwei Sachen davon und die sind gut.
Die anderen schaue ich mir jetzt an

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also check this https://www.reddit.com/r/kucoin/comments/9g1xjx/now_open_kucoins_anniversary_celebration/

up to 47 btc will be given away. Try the guessing game it so fun and challenging :)

Nice post. I want more information. @wfuneme

thank for share

yes @tranduong123 ! You are welcome. I almost upvoted your comment because your profile picture is pretty, but then I remembered that this was the internet

This is really intetesting, I would be glad if you enlighten me more on this.

There's no such thing as free nowadays, but in KuCoin Exchange they've listed BUMO token and having a Trading competition to win a up t 6 BTC and and 132,00 BU check this to know how to join https://www.kucoin.com/#/rank/BU

challenge accepted :)

haha sign up for our newsletter if you want more free airdrops @quaquelique

is this only available for Us citizens ??

no @khenbee these airdrops are available to people all around the world!

Nice Video...

That's a good post though but if anybody want to really earn from airdrops, they need to join at least 10 or more airdrops per day. I am making a post today where i will show to everyone that how to find lots of airdrops in a simple website. So, do not miss it everyone.

yes @rajesh557, it is important to sign up for multiple airdrops.

Yeah, you can see my articles. I am starting to put more airdrops in my blog contents. Thank you.

The information is really cool, actually I´m starting on mining bitcoin by my computer, and I don´t actually understand much how it works but my numbers on profits are moving great, I mean cents but thats is great. Thanks a lot for your post.

Anybody tried to get that coins?. I am not sure If you can withdraw your coins inmediately.

@adolforivas42, I consider coins from airdrops to be locked for 10-12 weeks. It's different with each coin but it is not an overnight success story

i have join like a sph and have 1000 coin so how to withdrawl ? please give some link like a give away or promotion like a bithump ... bonus intant to wd

Lol. You missed out promoting Presearch


the quality of that "early access beta" sticker deters me :(

pay for the nice chance

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