THE MONEY SHOW (Episode 5) Hosted by BAND-AID

in #money4 years ago

This is episode 5 of THE MONEY SHOW.

I talk a lot about doing whatever you have to do to get money for bitcoin or other altcoins.

Although it may be embarrassing and/or degrading to ask people for a handout, the point
is that you will ultimately be making the best possible investment that money can buy.

So if panhandling or begging for money is the only way you can come up with money, then
think of it as a temporary way to come up with money for bitcoin. I also talk about borrowing
money for school and using the excess funds that are given to you for living expenses to buy
bitcoin and other altcoins. Whatever the source of income, use the money to buy bitcoin!!


@jamie-smith - Excellent video and I like how you did the video out in the public outside in front of everyone walking by. Takes some courage to do that. You are right that people, no matter how poor they are, should do whatever it takes (legally) to get some cash to invest in Bitcoin (which will always rise in price). All very levelheaded advice. Looking forward too episode 6!