How To Make Money Online! $250,000 Teaching On Udemy!

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Hi Guys! Here is my Udemy income report since I launched my first course January of 2015. When I started on Udemy I had no audience, no following, and had never made a video before in my life. Three years later we are now serving 350,000+ students in 74 courses!



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My goal with this post and video is not to brag, but to inspire and help you become a better Online Instructor. I will be happy to answer any questions and I look forward to helping this amazing community continue to grow!

PS- I also want to thank UDEMY for all that they do and for all of their support! I will be attending the 3td annual Udemy LIVE this year and I hope to meet many of you in person!

If you have any questions or thoughts, please post them below and I'll try to get back to you.

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What do we have here? Another Jerry?

What exactly are you teaching everyone? How to scam people into paying for BS how-to-make-money-online videos?

FFS...can we not repeat the same mistakes that were made with Jerry last spring? This crap deserves some downvotes. Unless, of course, this is what we want featured on Steem/Steemit.

Let’s see how smart “the community” really is.

Here’s what this charlatan is selling...for $14.99... “original price” was $199:

I’m sure it’s worth every penny.

@ats-david, thanks for being on top of this. We most definitely don't need any more weasily marketers gaining influence. I called this asshat out before when he was essentially making a commercial for bid bots and the delegations schemes.

What's worse about these kind is slimy marketers attract more of their kind. Their emphasis isn't how they can collaboratively ADD VALUE to the platform but rather how they can best exploit it through the manipulation of the psychology of feeble minds. It's a zero sum game ultimately that they play.

How about we curate and create meaningful and unique content for a WIN-WIN, instead. Stop selling votes, people!

Thanks for this, this all needs to be said. I was in publishing and got sick of this kind of scam...all get rich quick useless advice.

what do we do about JerryB ? Shall we downvote him as well ?

Every downvote I see on his posts makes me happy :)

But there are a lot of other Steemers schemers that probably need attention creeping their way up the ladder. See my latest blog for the latest scam of note. Sock puppet delegations / voting ring.

Yeah i read it already; and many of your re-steems are very informative . Haha schemers :P !

Tom and Jerry!

Thank you so much that you can make such a beautiful comment. Please you vote for me

as if anyone cares

No idea who you are but I like you. Great comment and absolute truth.

Thanks. You may want to follow me. More truths are coming soon. Time to get back to my roots.

Will follow you..need some more authentic people on here.

Please please do an upvote, please, brother, please give me an upvote post..😍

Right on man, how are posts like these top of trending? Is this the best content on Steemit?!

he paid bidbots for votes

The name of "trending" should really be just changed to "bidbot promoted". :D
It has nothing to do with organically popular content anymore.

The trending is not totally organic yet, perhaps, but the potential could still be there someday perhaps as Steemit grows. The smaller fish could Out-Vote the bot votes and whales perhaps someday or in some cases. That is capitalism. It is called competition. I love Steemit for many reasons. If you got money, great. Buy bots. Why not? I don't buy bots but why not if I wanted to? I love freewill.

Yes, I agree with you. Joe wants to make more money and help others make it too.

I came in January 2017, it was mostly the same people day in day out then too. Although not paid (at least with SBD), I don't think it was organic. I think the UI should just not have the button to it. Don't let any more new users get exposed to that shite.

@schattenjaeger could we not get the dev's to rework the trending section to show posts based on number of views? Of course you would have to filter out the bots so that people don't get bots to view their articles, and of course unique IP addresses, but surely it would be better than whoever paid the most to bidbots... What do you think?

How much did he pay for it?

dunno. probably around about 75 of the total value, before flags.

And who is fighting against Bots there on Steemit?

Thank you so much that you can make such a beautiful comment. Please you vote for me.

Did you learn this technique from watching the video ?

That's what I was wondering.

If you order now, you'll get... But wait! There's more!

Sorry for noobish question, did jerrybanifield do a similar thing last year? I presume you mean him but its big news to my ears so just wanted to make sure it's him.

There may still be truth in it. People make money on Steemit for example. I bought a plane ticket with Bitcoin. I have been making money with Bitcoin, STEEM. I may try Udemy as well. How much money people may or may not make depends on a lot of factors, but some people are making some money and some people are making a lot of money and we all can play the game of life and we can choose to learn and teach and share and live and life is full of risks for better and for worse.

correct, but to make money in Steemit you have to work hard

Agreed, I work hard for the money. Great song.

its hard to work for the money but i wanted to know on how to make money works for me!!

100% correct :)

There's definitely truth in it. Udemy is totally legit.

The clue is in the scammy title.


lol - I am indeed missing a lot since not accessing price chat anymore @ats-david

The clue is in the scammy title.


ats-david, I've taken 3 Udemy courses from Joe Parys. He delivered on all of his promises. There are some people who will make $250,000 on Udemy, but the average person will not. Simply because they don't have teaching knowledge or self-discipline. I'm pleased with Joe's expertise.

I muted that guy like Day 1 I was here, clogged up the feed with junk. The problem is cultural and systemically encouraged I think, once a user consistently starts getting large amounts of up votes regardless of quality of content, everyone tries to get early votes and bots exacerbate the issue. To me the solution is changing vote rewards and better curation.

Totally agree with you. Most of these people giving "advice on how to .....(drum roll) earn a lot of money in ridiculous time" are the most in need of it, because if they really DID know how to do that, they would NOT need to sell their crap books to us ! haha

Please what are you insuniating is it that the vedio lecture us not that good and that udemy

I dont have any idea.

Who was Jerry?

Please please do an upvote, please, brother, please give me an upvote post

What I'm wondering: if you are making $250000 per year teaching on Udemy, why are you wasting your precious time (and ours) on Steemit ?

What are you doing here ? Do you need more competition on Udemy thus risking decreasing your earnings over there ?

Shouldn't you rather spend time becoming even more proficient at what you master - teaching on Udemy - rather than wasting precious hours playing with the Steemit bots ? Isn't the latter rather the opposite of what you should be doing ?

Especially, shouldn't you rather be keeping hush about the indecent amount of money you are making on Udemy ? Because if you keep bragging about it all over the place, other people might come over and compete with you and bring down your fabulous earnings ?

Or maybe your plans are actually subtler and things are not quite what you want to make them appear ?

Self-upvoted to increase the chances that you see my questions and maybe care to answer them.

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Thank you for sharing. But I guess, the rewards from this post doesn't reflect the type of content quality. Bot seems to be very abused nowadays. But anyways, thanks for sharing this.

Congratulations for achieving a milestone . Your video has certainly motivated me to open up my schooling . Got the little positive push needed to take action on my dreams . Thanks again . And wish you all the best . Really appreciate your "pay it forward" theme.

Leaders are readers.

Thank you doc really appreciate your support!

A good and profitable idea worth the experience
Thanks for the beautiful explanation

Steemit needs to be renamed to Spamit. Oh and send me $10 and I'll send you my booklet on how to make money in the mail order business! I'm a bit old fashioned I suppose ;-)

It's obvious from looking at the trending feed that Steemit isn't working as promised. Is a pity the devs don't seem to realise it.


That's in the upcoming video that will sell at regular price for $199. He'll be sure to tell you everything that's already publicly available. But because he presented it in a video on Udemy, it'll magically be worth $199.

What a steal! Amirite?


He produces ''how to make 20 USD'' posts that are worth 200 USD.
Ain't that amazing? His success in well-bought ehh deserved. LMFAO.

Very informative @joeparys hopefully we can follow what you had achieved, I wish you the best in your work.

Thank you for following us Joe! Your Kindness and humble Nature at @steemcreators conference was unexpected! You made time for me and Ill never forget it! everything you said there was spot on and accurate! Thank you for the hug!

Congratulations @joeparys

Huge milestone and good luck on the next one :-)

I launched my first course on Udemy 3 days ago, it was a huge learning curve and what I thought would be a short course ended up being 4 hours!!

Lots of trying to get everything perfect but I am happy with the end result.

Thank you for sharing and applied to the facebook group.

Many Thanks

First time I hear about this UDEMY ! Curious to know since I ve been a teacher for few years in the beginning of my work life, before I changed to do some business . So great to follow you @joeparys
And will get back to you when I need more queries

Earn STeem here!


Another pyramid marketer. Buy my course, create your own course on creating courses. Usual snakeoil smoke and from nothing, and the shit for free.

Thanks @joeparys . I have never considered udemy as a source of income. Will sign up for your courses. Have a lovely weekend

Enjoy @badmusgreene I hope they provide a lot of useful information!

Hi Joe, we really love what you are doing and your inspiring posts for growing and empowering the community members. However, just a little notice as it seems you are using the hashtag #introduceyourself with a wrong purpose and curators are working hard to keep this hashtag to enable new comers to be found easly and present themselves, as oldtimers we should show the example ;-) All the best ~ Jean

Agree 100% 👍🏼
Followed you Teacher 😂

Thank you!! Yes this was the wrong TAG :(

Hello Joe, since yesterday I am a student in your Steemit 2.0 course ;-) Very interesting and instructive. Right now I am thinking about how to get crypto currency to buy steem dollar or steem power. I'm only in section 3 ;-) and hope all my questions are answered by section 8. Fantastic... all your knowledge for this small price. If my English is bad, the deepl translator is to blame ;-) Many greetings Barbara

Translated with

Hi! Really happy you are enjoying the courses and I am happy to hear you are excited about Steemit!

@joeparys Thanks for your answer. That gives me a good feeling if I continue my studies right now. Have a nice weekend ;-)

Keep up the good work in Udemy and in Steemit in learning to make money and it takes time and consistency. Keep going. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me.

@joeparys An entrepeneur is really what i need now and everyone around the world also and an instructor. within the walls of the school we are taught to manage other people money but outside the walls of the schools we leasrn to earn for ourselves. will; definitely try to check out your site and your other social networks... and if you dont mind i belong to a community that would benefit from your post and learn more from you... its a worldwide community that dedicated to the service of others.. #dynamicsteemians.. you can join us here

Flagged and upvoted all FUD comments. This is absolute shit.

Didnt know this service, thanks. @tipu upvote this post with 0.03 sbd

Buen Post, me alegra poder compartir contigo

This is great. If I have time I will join

Its a great tutorial and learn many things. Thank you @joyperys.. thank you teacher

wow Joe I can't wait to hear more about your strategies in Vegas. It'll be a pleasure to meet you

What would you guys think about posts that actually help people start earning actual income without having to pay up front for bullcrap like this? I was thinking about posting on steem it so that way people could actually learn instead of paying $10 for a one page "how to" that someone could just google and learn.

I'm curious about what ya think because passive income really interests me! :)

Udemy is one of the self-learning platform that we are encouraging all our engineers to improve themselves...

It has all subjects under the Sun and there are some courses that are being offered FREE!

If there's any good teacher out there with good subjects to be taught, do use this platform, you have many ready students provided the content is worth it!

Agreed, Udemy is helping people in many ways. Keep sharing the love.

wow those teachers are so lucky to earn this sum, it sounds great!

I've been an freelance English Teacher in Vietnam for 5 years but haven't taught much online yet and I have yet to do Udemy as a student or a teacher but I might.

Good Stuff!

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Would very much love to learn hownthis works indepth. Kudos @joeparys

you must wake up very early for this single click, a thumbs up and a resteem from my side for the dedication.

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Very cool teaching opportunity!

Another way to earn hella skrilla online is by posting quality content here on Steemit. Check out my most recent post about how to make CASH MONEY and start earning real income from your posts today!

how posts like these beign on top of trending post on steemit?

Wow thanks for sharing this is worth watching.i really likes this video.its inspiring the peoples of our society.if i have a time i will definitely join this.
And again thanks for this amazing video @joeparys

Wow I think am interested in this
Nice post bro

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Wow congrats! Great course of yours on Udemy, I totally recommend it.

Thank you @jessicapixie glad you are enjoying the Udemy courses! :)

Make money need to study more, I am glad to have you such a good teacher to guide me.

thanks @joeparys man i love your mission love your goals and love your videos even more except one video where you were talking as an Old man and yourself teaching how to use steemit and i gotta say the old man voice not that much fun lol but again thanks alot for all the info you provide alot of good stuff and alot of information and i consider it as a service so thanks again for your service :) you rock my man.

Excluding contribution although workshops of personal growth, of digital currency, and for that reason it is necessary to pay, it seems to me more of the same, for my part I pretend to the workshops, for a mayor contribution. always to order @joeparys

dang man you're washin away my bid chances lol wish I had some hefty SBD to be throwin around left and right like that

well, you are share a good thing, but teaching on udemy only work for highly skilled professionals.

@joeparys what if i dont have what to teach, how can i make money online?

as long as I like to explain this to make money online whatever I know because I've seen it watching video on you tube

I will sing up to udemy for youre courses. I really need to learn how to earn online. I follow youre youtube videos also.

This is some teachception right here

It sounds interesting to teach online. If I'm a music teacher, can I also teach an instrument online? I hope they guide me

Thanks for Introducing me to Steemit.I have seen your video and joined steemit.If you guide me also very good.

I've just back from youtube , i was watching your video « 5 tips to become successful on steemit and earn thousands of dollars » . I wanted to see if your strategy works ..and there i’m very fascinated by the results .

a very useful post, hopefully continue to work in making the article

i takea look at it and learn something from it...hope it will benefit we the African too

Please I want ask you

Vote for my comment. I'm curious if it earns $ 10....? :D

Nice intro. Thanks for this video.

Joe how big is your team? Proud of you Steemer. Thanks for the links. :)

Thank you Joy! My team is growing each and everyday! I have editors, marketers, ect... but a lot of it I still do all on my own!!

Impressive. I was born to teach. Online teaching means you don't have to pick up those nasty colds.(joking)

I am Raju.I am very happy for your nice posting.This post content is so nice and interesting.I really love it.
Follow Me

Saludos en definitiva me inspiras, espero tener tus logros. FELICIDADES.....

@joeparys Good post bro! Time ago I was looking for good sites that offered courses about programming and my math teacher suggested me Udemy, and it was the most trustable one I found. I have a question for you. Is there on Udemy a good course about programming in Java? Which one do you recommend me?

There are lots of good Java courses on Udemy 👍 I would just search for the bestsellers and most comprehensive courses

You have provided interesting information and I just first heard it. I'm trying to find out more about being an online instructor. Maybe next time I will ask, how is it done with so many students. I think it's a hard job, can I possibly afford it?

@joeparys your instagram link doesn't link to your academy on instagram but to your account on steemit. maybe you want to change that before the post is 7 days old.