MASSIVE Gold & Silver SELL OFF! - What Just Happened?

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen in Monument Valley, Utah about the recent massive sell off of gold and silver as silver has seen double top resistance and in the scope of a few hours, crashed from $17.28 an ounce to $16.50 an ounce. The same thing happened last time silver saw resistance. Gold fell 2.2% at August delivery to $1280.20, the lowest since last December.
Copper has also fallen 2.6% on July delivery.

Now gold and silver have been wealth insurance for thousands of years. They protect purchasing power with value based in scarcity, application use and demand all while fiat always inevitably crashes. For this reason, gold and silver greatly concern and disrupt the central banking system.
So while Trump's tariffs are blamed for this drop in value, it's more likely that this was a massive manipulative tactic taken up by the banking system which is infamous for manipulating the price of gold and silver. Deutsche Bank was found guilty in court last year alongside countless other major banks. The banking system is not looking good right now and neither is fiat. So doing as the ESF and big banks have done for decades to gold and silver makes sense for them.

However, this will not end well for them. The more they create artificial bear markets for precious metals, the more it gains pressure like a beach ball held under water. When it gives, it'll really give and we will see the banking system collapse all the while.

Gold and silver are not investments. They are wealth insurance as we mentioned. Expecting to make big money in gold and silver is not smart. You may as well invest in a mining company if you want to see more fluctuation. Gold and silver are there for when the crash happens and you need to be able to afford food, water and shelter. Cryptocurrencies are a great thing to diversify with in our opinion as well.

We will continue to cover this issue as it develops! Stay tuned!

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Don't be to shocked to see a halving of the price of Silver in this correction.

Back in the 2007/08 Crash(manipulation) they took Silver down to $5 or $6 oz.
Might not go that low this time?
but I see it breaking $10 oz. with all the manipulation in the paper markets.
Buying opportunity! "Monster Boxes $5,000"
(been a long time since I got that price) I will buy 10 more.

what's the benefit for them taking manipulating it down in times of trouble?

I can't speak to exactly why they manipulate it down, just that's what they normally do.

i think its deutsche bank selling to payoff their debts

Thanks 🙏 for the information .