What bitcoin taught me about bubbles, and why im stacking Gold and Silver

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Since 2012 ive been buying gold and silver and bitcoin. In that time there is one thing ive noticed happens time and time again. We all know what im talking about right?? The vert ramp or ski jump when the price goes crazy. Its made me realise a couple of things.

  1. Bubbles are completely unsustainable

  2. People do the same thing time and time again and never seem so learn.

So then i stumbled across this chart the other day and i found it fascinating.

The same thing is happening right now to the human population. We are as a species are in a completely unsustainable bubble judging by the chart. Charts can make us predict/see things that nothing else can which is why they are so vital to us.

My feeling is something has to correct because right now things are going vertical.

So how can this happen?? The two biggest factors for human population rising like this i believe is the same theory behind compound interest. Its how things grow and its how things can possibly grow out of hand. Just like your steem power grows, the human population has experienced the exact same growth pattern.

So why am i buying Gold and silver?

So one of the main factors i believe the popultion has begun its meteoric rise is due to debt. As the debt bubble has been blown over the last 100 years it has allowed the population to live/rise beyond its means. Most people are anticpating for the debt bubble to burst at some point because like all bubbles its completely unsustainable. The debt bubble again illustrates the effects of compound interest. The larger it gets the more it grows, the more un sustainable it is, the more likely it will crash.

So what im expecting is the human population will crash when the debt bubble bursts. I need to make sure that me and my family survive this crash so ive positioned myself in gold and silver. I believe i will stay ahead of the curve in doing so because i will have savings, and i will have money not debt.

Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


I really wish this had more content in it. I honestly have no clue what this is supposed to be about.

Please consider writing something more and I will consider upvoting it. I'm talking give us your thoughts and some insights you have that will be helpful for people or at the very least get them thinking. Right?

you know i thought that as soon as i posted it. Figured it was fairly self explanatory though. The graph of the world population scares the hell out of me, Its totally un sustainable and it will pop.

ive written some more :)

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