Soory @jwolf, but your postings are getting lower and lower of quality. Just to post only 1 Line of text is a bit to less, where is the jwolf, which I know some month ago ?

Steemit is decentralized so I can post everything I want, I can do everything I want. If you don't like this line please downvote it. If you don't like my content please unfollow me..

it's so easy like that

I am tired of spending my time here, anyway I will be judged. Anyway people don't care. And it's all about subjectivity, I found this line more qualitative than Jerry Banfield latests posts with over $500 rewards

hihi, yes a part of it you are right and I agree full with you. there are lot of posts here ( maybe 90 % ) which are rubbish and they big ones just earn money with it. I only miss the news from you jwolf, thats it. I will not downwvote or unfollow you, why should I ? Specialy now at time, where not much people are here on the platform, and the votes are more worst as before the high December time, thats very sad. I am waiting personally for the time that appics will start and another one. They will be not the heaven and all is better there, no, it will just complete the income with all other parts... hope we see some better time here, which we can have some better news

I am waiting for smoke to be launched! But I will definitely try appics too.

Man, you are right. It's frustrating to not get better in what you do.

that's what steemit speaks now a days hahah minnows dying