The Journey 3: Tendency and habits that benefit from crypto

in #money7 months ago

There are many things we participate in everyday that has a centralized control structure built into it. Especially money, Our monetary system has methods of control and class warfare built into it. Think of it this way. When someone who has almost no money takes a loan, they pay interest, whereas when someone has large amounts of money in the bank, they get paid interest. the bank gets a cut on both sides. If this were how simple the system was in reality then it would not be as problematic, the banks however operate on fractional reserve banking which means that they can loan out more money than is deposited by other people. This in turn creates even more money that makes all the existing money worth less. The central authority controls interest on types of loans and can guide the money supply or just create money. With decentralized money platforms, max money supplies can be built into them. and also yes edited later depending on how the crypto works. It is important that we take heed in the types of crypto we are supporting to make sure we continue to take back the money supply. That way a small few cannot manipulate the money of the masses.

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