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RE: Bitcoin Futures Being Bid Lower, Understand The Risk. By Gregory Mannarino

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Restemeed and upvoted... Now the question is how far down will bitcoin go and will it drag down other altcoins with it... or do we see the money coming out of bitcoin go into other altcoins. Hey Greg, if you need bitcoin to buy other altcoins, do you 1: buy bitcoin now at these prices and convert it into other altcoins with potential; or 2: wait for bitcoin prices to drop and buy at lower prices and risk for other altcoins to rise in value in the mean time?


Hi koljak...My view: the trend is, Bitcoin drops and other Cryptos rise. I would do definitely point 1. And if you still own Bitcoin, I would sell them immediately. Ether is number 1 for me. They are not dependet to China like Bitcoin. They have Smart Contracts and on this chain hundreds of Companies are arising right now (Veritaeseum, Populous, OmiseGo). Vitalik Buterin - the founder - is genius, very honest. But steemit is also great like Gregory Mannarino says.

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