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I'm not writing this for upvotes, I'm using it to share how comfortable I am with having almost no money.

You see I'm starting a business and that takes time and sacrifice. I've been eating for less than $5/day, sleeping in a studio apartment with 2 other people for the past 3.5 months now.

My typical day consists of managing current client Facebook Ad accounts, planning ads and funnels for clients that haven't launched yet, prepping for meetings with prospective clients, and sending emails to get more clients. Basically everything's surrounded around clients, getting more of them and keeping our current ones. But, the only way I seem to be able to get clients right now is with a free trial to start, so the work I do with the ads doesn't have an immediate ROI.

The two other guys I'm starting this with spend most of their days editing and shooting video for our clients. Overall, after about 3.5 months we've made a total of roughly $4.5k. Not bad for three 20 year olds.

Back to my bank account. I have 13 dollars in it currently, but have a check for about $136 coming in and that's my budget for food and this month. Oh yeah, and if we don't make any money by October 1st we lose. Can't pay rent. Can't buy food. It's straight up game over.

But I'm not worried. We sending cold emails works well for getting new clients and we have some current clients in the works that should pull through with enough money to survive another month. And if things go extremely well we could make upwards of $6k this month alone!

So $13 in my bank account doesn't worry me. Things are looking good for the future and hopefully next month I'll be checking in with much more than pocket change!

Thanks for reading!

Hope you liked the post. I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments!


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