Why Money is important?

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Life is all that money. Do not live in the life of the life is not life. Let's remember that your dream is to remember that there is only one. So why do you "search for screensaver" search "
Do you think it's funny? "

The money is not important and the one who speaks is the life of a rich man. Middle class is one other than the one who has said to someone else!

Everything is a big lie and we have a daily life. There must be money to pay for the dream here.

This is a big struggle. If you have a little bit of need, you will have to buy a pedal. This is the family atmosphere of the family, the sister of the sister of the sister of the sister of the sister.

So why is a famous actress girl and a 2009 choreographer and chief minister and governor Kailala Vangkashi as well as a dance performance judge. But in the event of a glorious international feminist in a multinational country, they dance in the dance, even if they did not do it, even if it did not take a cathicha Sudha Chandran? Here are some of them. # Money
(This is a phenomenon, as a dancer, to me today.)

Whatever money is not important, advise you with the advice. We need to spend money in search of money, and we need it for you to have a dream that you do not want to be on your target.

Make some money for that money. Is not it the way we heard it? That's what we said. Racing is a dream, but he is in Nirca cinema.

Money is important for me ...