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RE: Bitcoin Futures Being Bid Lower, Understand The Risk. By Gregory Mannarino

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Hi Mr. Hood, Wallstreet is gaming Bitcoin and China will destroy Bitcoin. I'm a Coder since 20 years. I see the risks from a technical standpoint. 80% of the Miners are in China. This way, China has the possibility to destroy Bitcoin with a clever strategy. China even doesn't need money to do that. With Ethereum this won't be possible. China has not that much Ether-Miner and the next Upate of Ethereum will change the Miner-System to Proof of Stake. Miners like this won't be neccesary any more. With Ethereum hundreds of Companies are arising. Great potential. Because of you I changed a part of Ether to steemit. Huge potential. I upvoted and resteemed.


Ethereum has high transaction cost and time like bitcoin does though. The other day, it took over 5 hours for my Ethereum transaction to go through. I think this is why alot of people have hopes for Bitcoin Cash.

Today I could send Ether very fast. But you are right. Ether has more transactions then all the other cryptos together (inclusive Bitcoin). It's beacuse of Crypto Kitties. This game came like a bomb. The new Ether-update will be fully integrated soon, so the transaction-rate will be faster. The next update then (probably August 2018) will allow hundreds of transactions per second. Vitalik Buterin knows all this problems and allready has the solutions. Don't forget, all the other Chains will run into the same problems.

Yeah, I do realize Cryptokitties is causing alot of problem for Ether. This is a good test for Ether though. Hopefully they figure out a solution because if 1 game can cause the whole network to slow down to a crawl then that's a big problem for future of smart contracts.

yes you are right bro.this present day we could send eTher very fast.VitalikBurtain knows all the priblems and allready has the solution.This soo helpfull.Present time we can do very fast what we want.Thanks for your reply.Upvoted and Resteemed.

I sent ether yesterday and it was done in less than a minute and cost 60 cents.

Nice plug for bcash. You even trashed another crypto. Bravo on you

LOL, TBH I don't even own bcash but do use Ethereum frequently. I'm just pointing out the obvious flaws.

thanks for sharing.

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