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RE: VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES: PLUS! The US Dollar Dives AGAIN As Bonds Sell Off. By Gregory Mannarino

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Hiya Greg,

The problem with Gold and Silver for me is that it isn't helping me become my own bank at all. It does give me peace of mind. But sat doing nothing while the world burns just ain't my style :)

In order to accomplish being your own bank, you're going to need access to global markets, futures and options , the dreaded derivatives and of course; liquidity in real valued assets.

Of course, having the mindset that I need to become my own bank I have found a few crypto currencies that help me achieve that. Be blessed my friend and keep Steemin :)


Yes! A lion with the heart of an investment banker. :-) I suspect "be your own central bank" is talking about the conservation of wealth--but you have to have some before you can conserve it. Maybe the Bank sequence could be Piggy Bank-->Investment Bank-->Your own Central Bank.

It could mean many different things to different people I suppose. To me at the moment it means having the ability to conduct unrestricted business with other like minded business' that have also become their own bank.

If it works use it, until it don't. Hence metals :)

Wonderful minds friends ! Now Im resteemed this post.. @marketreport

I saw the video you shared, the information that is presented is very valuable, I like all of your posts, because you can do something good, and that power comes to you. @marketreport