1/10/18. Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: This Is The New Paradigm For Stocks Capitalize On It! By G. Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

My Greg Hunter Interview. Click:

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Debt debt debt. The market needs more shots of debt please. Without it where else do we have?

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Great video Greg @marketreport.
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These markets and currencies. It is all a illusion . Value put on things that have no value. And no value placed on the things of real value. Especially the truth.

Gold and silver are real tangible assets ...

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That's a good one: DO NOT SHORT THIS MARKET! I agree. I think the stock market may wobble a bit here and there for a few days then it will start soaring again as everybody sings "happy days are here again!" Looking at the chart technically, I think the DJIA may attempt 28000 before it hits serious resistance, so maybe Trump's optimism and wish for 30000 may not be so superfluous after all.

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I too donate to animal charities up here in Canada. Glad to see the same from you.

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Bond buying happened late :-)

Can't say it any louder or clearer than that - DO NOT SHORT THIS MARKET!!! Spot on with that.

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i would not even have a clue it was this crazy without you Greg!
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No! I can't believe people shorted this market! Listen people: IT WILL NOT STOP GOING HIGHER BECAUSE REASONS.

On a side note, we love you Greg! ;P

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I completely agree. If the China news is true, there is going to be domino effect.
If the dollar plunges which means there would be too much $s in circulation, where would it all eventually go?
Well that’s the question we will find out sooner than later.
Whatever happens we have to fallow Robin Hood’s advice, accumulate commodities at discounted price, accumulate cryptos that you believe in. Dollar will plunge, its inevitable.

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Hi Greg, Thank you as always! Just to show you people here that this is real. I had slightly better entry points and closed my BAC feb 16/ 30 calls and pulled 27% after costs (half position). Also bought AIG march 16/ 60 calls which are up 11% and are still open ( very small position just did not hit my price by 2 cent). These profits are in max 1.5 trading days... End of the month I will donate 20% of my earnings to one of the local animal rescues which will be huge for them at this pace. Again thank you for helping us out.

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Its a new paradigm that goes up forever until one day when it doesn't. As long as we can get in and out fast that works, but don't go too deep and don't stay too long (thats what she said).

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I'm currently short oil, gold, and silver. Is that bad?

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Was there another paper dumb on PMs again today?

There's no way Bill Gross can be wrong twice in a row, can he? He actually went short bonds today @marketreport. This is becoming too predictable...

good video and great work .. thank you

Great video Greg @marketreport.
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Weird market action today.

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There is no indication, regardless of facts or data, that this market will correct anytime soon. This will be taken far higher through out the year.

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I must have missed something, when did you buy BAC and AIG? They were up lately, but not that much. Good advice on not shorting this market of inflation.

I bought the options. That is where the leverage comes from.

Do you ever sell calls against your long calls in order to reduce or ged rid off time decay?

Your YouTube channel made a believer out of me. Thanks a lot for all your work and generosity.

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Great video Greg @marketreport.
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Gregory Mannarino... I don't know how you do what you do but impressive as always. Thank you for what you do. Upvoted & resteemed.

I completely agree about the dangers of attempting to short the market at this point. Actually, I took advantage of the dip early in the session to go long calls on QQQ and SPY -- both finished much higher. Thanks for all of your hard work and sense of humor Greg!

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I have invested a relatively small amount of funds into crypto. I am still baffled as to why it has gone up so much but oh well, profits are profits.

It's good to hear Greg's analysis that the crypto area should also benefit when the massive amount of money in the bond market rotates out into other markets.

Let's hope he's right!

Thank you for this important information.

Long day? lol Great job on the video. I thought stocks might go down more today but the plunge protection team sure did their work.

excellent video great advice. will keep learning to invest better.

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I hope that China cease buying US debt so that China has the potential to progress much faster than the US.

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Autumn leaves must fall, but not quite yet.

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