1/8/18 Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: BONDS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SELL OFF. No Way... By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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@marketreport...they prop up bond market to the end. Great for us. We prop up too. Yellen is cheating the world but not us. We are our own central bank. When was this possible in history? upvoted and resteemed

They will prop and prop until it POPS!
June? ;)

@healthiswealth...Merkel has to be in place, so June could be a realistic date for poping.

Or sooner, if China stops buying Bonds.

@healthiswealth...I think this bond thing 3 days ago had to do with China. They stopped buying for 2 days. But I think they continue to buy bonds for at least the next couple of weeks.

"Checkmate" when China stops buying the Bonds!

@healthiswealth...then good night. But we are prepared.

right say.

@rimon24...But good for us. We are prepared.

do you sell votes?

@rimon24...I have to study this. So far I had no time. Can you explain me short about selling votes.

ok, thanks for reply

@marketreport and @mafsteem are very helpful in investing.For me, You are like Batman and Robin.I couldn't decide which of you Batman :))
Thanks for helping.. :)

@aquia10...with pleasure.

If it is so good for us, it means so good. Steem needs to get even deeper. But there are some places in the Video I do not understand. What does he mean by 3 great powers?
@mafsteem @marketreport

@slayer10...can you tell me which minute and second.

Thank you for you answer to me .. At 02:36 @mafsteem

@slayer10...He told, I closed 2 of my 3 trades today. I closed CAT 61% gain in 3 days, Wallmart 19% gain in 1 week and I still have Bank of America, this is still minus.

I think I've compared it with YouTube's automatic converter error. I think the biggest problem now is foreign language ...@mafsteem

@slayer10...YouTube is not perfect. Steem is still a very good buy. I think in the next 5-10 days it will start to soar.

Steem is now getting smaller or increasing in small proportions. I've seen him all day. I believe, steem will be in much better places. But I hope this happens soon. :) @mafsteem

@slayer10...that's right. I think an other 5-10 days like this and then move up.

I hope everything happens this way. Because this depreciation has surprised me a little. And I wait for the day when the decline will rise from the moment you are experienced. You and Gregory Mannarino are the most important of these ideas. Thank you for the second. @mafsteem

@mafsteem Can I ask a quastion... What do you think about the future of the steem dollar?

@beyfendi...first it was pegged at 1$. Then up to even 50$ and now down to 8$. I change my SBD always to Steem. I don't see any sence in SBD. Would be better all in Steem. I don't see any future for SBD.

I am a student, I am trying to earn my school money and my tuition.so I'm trying to get short-term earnings for me, sir..How do I have to follow this path?? @mafsteem

Yellen is fraud.

@markzuckerbergs...evel worse

Just an employee of the system. Or maybe stockholder - who knows.
It seems to me the whole systems stinks.

The issue with me is bringing myself to buy the QQQ (tech stawks) with RSI at 75. I just can't bring myself to buying it at such level. And consider it went up from 155.5 to 162.8 now Afterhours. Up $7.3 in 5 days. How can one force oneself to buy even with the FED not allowing the bond market to sell off?

it's very useful video my friend @mafsteem

I am not suprised of the Bond Action/MANIPULATION!

upvoted Robinhood Sir !

Markets are cooling down. FY results will be released very soon. Looking forward to what the tech giants will come up with. USD seems to be holding on so far. What do you think that the FED will do this year?

the market is not giving any confidence at the moment now.Ether seems to be safe to me now
@makeithappen @marketreport @mafsteem


good video mr.marketreport


Thanks again, Gregory, Upvoted and Resteemed. BYOCB.

It must have been pretty good... lol...

it's very useful video my friend thank you for sharing it

Upvoted and resteemed my friend

Greg, You did call it right yet again, and we did upvote and resteem so that more can see the truth

I've been following with you and winning indeed!

Opportunity is indeed abound everywhere but the dollar right now.

You trade posts are great, keep up the great work!

-The Beached Whale-
Editor in Chief - The Anderson Report

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Great update. RESTEEM..

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Thank you for this video, from which we have benefited a lot

Another great video Greg! Unbelievable how the market is going higher every day. If I wouldn’t be following you, I would be still shorting this market.
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really nice video I like it tnx for share...re-steem

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very very helpful video thanks @marketreport

Always a resteem and upvote. I'm loving it. Grabbing platinum, gold and silver with worthless BTC with SC profits. SALT is next . The issue is trading into BTC and getting it out. STEEMERS, look at SALT. I only hold a tad of it but if they can prove that they can lend, I am in.

Just came across your videos, site, and even introduced to Steemit about a week ago. As the dollar keeps falling, do you have any mining company suggestion?
I came across Garibaldi Resources (GGI.V, Toronto) a while back and I made quite a bit on the first leg up late last year, and got out before the winter drop. With winter being half-way, they'll start getting those drills warmed up and things can start popping again; this company had fantastic news before the winter froze up the drills. Thoughts?

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Thank you for great trade ideas!

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Thank you for all that you've done for us! :)

Thanks Greg! Always helpful videos.your post resteemed

Fantastic information. Brother, follow upvote amd resteem you

Great post! When those who sell where does the money go?

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Very soon the bank will be developed.
There are problems with this type of representation.

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I wish Trump would just expose the truth to us instead of constantly telling everybody the economy is great and working in secret with the Fed on the reset. Upvoted and resteemed

Trunp supports the fraud and we might actually need it to lauder the deficits.

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What do you mean by 3 great powers? I will also follow you on twitter. Your shares provide information and gain. I do not understand the misery and the reason of America ..: / @marketreport @mafsteem

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well we win some and loose some.

Added text notification from Greg's Twitter. Going to rip 2018 .

Not doing anything with the market until after the 18th

I have a what may be a dumb question about trading to anyone here that trades. How did Gregory make 61% on CAT when CAT did not gain by nearly that much during the time that Gregory held it? I am guessing that it has to do with options trading?

EXTRA EXTRA Read all about it.... Everybody surprised by record market levels.... NOT LOL
Thanx for the info
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Thanks for the great info. It seems that they are really trying to push for inflation as much as possible. Why else keep this market from correcting. Upvoted and resteemed.

I'm glad I didn't buy BofA a while back it was so cheap and tempting. But we're supposed to buy the dip right?

I think we're going to know things are unraveling when the velocity of the metals prices break out of their range.

Thanks Greg, great post.

Great Post..
Thank You

Got in on your WMT trade! Best part was I closed the position just before you tweeted today :) #learningfrommannarino!

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Thank Greg! Upvoted

@marketreport of course they're not going to allow them to sell off. Not until every bubble is ready to pop and wealth be transferred will this happen. It's okay. I made $600 (17.5%) on my trades today so I really don't care. I know what to look out for thanks to you.

You're on my TweetDeck .

Nice information about the markets.

Excellent Information. Playing the game with my IRA. Your insight keeps me in the game. Thanks.

Banking stocks down today....buy more bonds!!! NOT.....upvoted and resteemed.

Has Fed been started to dump bonds?


Great update. I've been checking on the QQQ also. Seems to parralell SPY a bit.

Is there a way you can link up your twitter account to your website so we can see you tweets on your page?

@marketreport...great to profit from all your experiences. upvoated and resteemed.

Hi Greg, for how long do you think the equities will keep on going up? Excessive leverage and low votality are bad omens. Everyone seems to be on the same side of the boat. BTW, resteem and upvote your video! Thanks again!

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you said that the middle class feel richer because their houses are going up in value :), wrong, they are going up in nominal dollar price, not in value.

I waiting for resteem your next post. Because your post always informative.

Nice vedio...your report is always great..., @marketreport
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sir you are the best stock master i always appriciate your efforts on market @upvote and @resteemd

Greg, do you follow anybody on Twitter? If you do, who do you recommend ?

Silver is the most undervalued asset known to man. Thanks Greg let rip the faces off again 2018 campaign going on!!!!

Thank you for this video, from which we have benefited a lot @resteemited

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Thanks again Robin Hood! ;-) Just curious what you saw that made you want to sell your positions on CAT today vs. holding a bit longer?

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