3/7/18. Post Market Wrap Up: Stocks "Mostly" Shrug Off Cohn BUT... By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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I still think that the market is playing out the traditional deadcat bounce/bull trap pattern.

That is unless the Fed moves in with there trillions and moves the markets back up.

That would come at a price (DXY moving down). This means money would move basically from Joe Sixpack to the Wall Street guys.

Maybe it's the fed getting out.

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@marketreport what's the minimum dollar amount I need to fund my Ameritrade to follow your legendary trades from now on? I funded 3k, is that enough?

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From what I heard today, cryptos could have sold off in part due to Binance exchange users allegedly having some issues with their coins being converted to Bitcoin automatically. Either way, if crypto is one of the leading indicators of market risk, it pays to maybe wait until tomorrow to see if the markets will rally back here. Who knows, maybe we can get some action at a discount tomorrow.

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That GE trade was WAY too fast for me. I blinked.

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Hey Greg, not sure if you read your comments on Steemit , but would you consider posting your trades on Steemit, I am not a Facebook fan and want to follow your trades thanks

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Say what it is Greg. Derivatives have killed all markets. When money is being made on either up, down, sideways or in between the value remains in the center. Today there is no value because all is built on bullshit.

The whole thing is built on BS, it's all fake-Even your bank account. Have you heard of fractional reserve system? Only 10% of the cash you believe you have (or it says on your statement) is actually there.

Only risking what I'm willing to lose in fractional reserve. Continuing with your sage advice of central banking for the individual. Always appreciate your thoughts. Keep the videos coming. Continuing to pay it forward. Thank you for your time and energy here. Reality is only a consideration away.

I must have had about the same target price as you, but when I saw them buying up bonds, I bailed out, still +6% so happy for that. Are you looking at other indicators for how far a stock will continue to go before the bonds or other indicator will kick in (if they do)?
I have sold out too early a number of times when I saw the bond market changing directions.
Thanks for all your help.
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