Bitcoin Futures Being Bid Lower, Understand The Risk. By Gregory Mannarino

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I do not want to see anyone get hurt. This is a snapshot of the January Front Month Bitcoin Futures. As you can see, it is being bid lower, and so is the price of Bitcoin. Understand the risk.

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of wall Street."



Hi Mr. Hood, Wallstreet is gaming Bitcoin and China will destroy Bitcoin. I'm a Coder since 20 years. I see the risks from a technical standpoint. 80% of the Miners are in China. This way, China has the possibility to destroy Bitcoin with a clever strategy. China even doesn't need money to do that. With Ethereum this won't be possible. China has not that much Ether-Miner and the next Upate of Ethereum will change the Miner-System to Proof of Stake. Miners like this won't be neccesary any more. With Ethereum hundreds of Companies are arising. Great potential. Because of you I changed a part of Ether to steemit. Huge potential. I upvoted and resteemed.

Ethereum has high transaction cost and time like bitcoin does though. The other day, it took over 5 hours for my Ethereum transaction to go through. I think this is why alot of people have hopes for Bitcoin Cash.

Today I could send Ether very fast. But you are right. Ether has more transactions then all the other cryptos together (inclusive Bitcoin). It's beacuse of Crypto Kitties. This game came like a bomb. The new Ether-update will be fully integrated soon, so the transaction-rate will be faster. The next update then (probably August 2018) will allow hundreds of transactions per second. Vitalik Buterin knows all this problems and allready has the solutions. Don't forget, all the other Chains will run into the same problems.

Yeah, I do realize Cryptokitties is causing alot of problem for Ether. This is a good test for Ether though. Hopefully they figure out a solution because if 1 game can cause the whole network to slow down to a crawl then that's a big problem for future of smart contracts.

yes you are right bro.this present day we could send eTher very fast.VitalikBurtain knows all the priblems and allready has the solution.This soo helpfull.Present time we can do very fast what we want.Thanks for your reply.Upvoted and Resteemed.

I sent ether yesterday and it was done in less than a minute and cost 60 cents.

Nice plug for bcash. You even trashed another crypto. Bravo on you

LOL, TBH I don't even own bcash but do use Ethereum frequently. I'm just pointing out the obvious flaws.

thanks for sharing.

WARNING! Read! Possible BiTCoiN further adjustment to the downside!

Comment: At this stage is obvious that BTC long-term holders must start activating their previously planned contingency strategies in any case this adjustment goes deeper.

TradingView chart:

Original Steemit post:

Alberto Alvarado
Ask me! |

Restemeed and upvoted... Now the question is how far down will bitcoin go and will it drag down other altcoins with it... or do we see the money coming out of bitcoin go into other altcoins. Hey Greg, if you need bitcoin to buy other altcoins, do you 1: buy bitcoin now at these prices and convert it into other altcoins with potential; or 2: wait for bitcoin prices to drop and buy at lower prices and risk for other altcoins to rise in value in the mean time?

Hi koljak...My view: the trend is, Bitcoin drops and other Cryptos rise. I would do definitely point 1. And if you still own Bitcoin, I would sell them immediately. Ether is number 1 for me. They are not dependet to China like Bitcoin. They have Smart Contracts and on this chain hundreds of Companies are arising right now (Veritaeseum, Populous, OmiseGo). Vitalik Buterin - the founder - is genius, very honest. But steemit is also great like Gregory Mannarino says.

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This is crazy! Looking for exchanges with altcoins. Ripple should be a good buy here! Also watching Strat

chiadog1...Almost all Altcoins looks good now. Ripple is the coin of the banks. I wouldn't buy a controlled coin. Ethereum is the only one, who proofed allready quite a lot of things. It has more transactions then all the others together. Inclusive Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

i like ethr more than btc @mafsteem

Friends can give me an information. I have some atherium, the price of this atherium will decrease or increase. Pulija Ansar May Friend. ...? @mafsteem

Ether will rise in medium term. In the short term, I don't know. Could go sideways.

And what does the bitcoin currency grow? Everyone says that bitcoin will increase, is it true, you can tell a little bit ..... ...@mafsteem

@khurshid...It could grow but it could also go down. There are other lows now. Like Gregory Manarino says, it depends on the future market.

Well friend I want to sell steem dollars in that steemit. . How to sell steem dollar ...,........? @mafsteem

@khurshid...I think you can go to the wallet and click sell at steem dollar. Then you can sell this dollars to steem or Bitcoin or Ether etc. I never did it so far.

Thank you very much, your reply made me feel so good .. ...
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I am sure glad I sold all my BTC at $19k and bought BCH @ $2600

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Much appreciated Greg. Figured their future a little keep running up before pushing down, figure not.

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Thanks Greg. Thought their would be a small run up before pushing down, guess not.

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Hello sir, I am upvoting your post and I will also resteem a post of yours, I would like you to look at my post and video from 2 days ago, I had said that there is a good chance that in January there can be an alt coin that passes bit coin bc it drops, fyi, when I started the video bitcoin price was still in 19000 range, before I ended it I had already seen the price dropping. Peace and thanks for the post.

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it's a great risk for us...many people will lost their property if something happened...

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Wow nice arrow. I guess that means bitcoin has to go down to zero now. Thanks for telling us.

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I believe everyone holding, or still investing in, BTC should be really careful now that the futures instrument is available. You only have to listen to our Steemit father Dan Larimer to realise that there could be some serious harm done in this space from now on.

If half of the BTC mining pools are controlled by big interest parties, they can now control profits they can make in both directions. This is a no-lose situation for them, and a big problem for everyone else who's betting on price appreciation.

Like Greg says, I don't want to see anyone get hurt. There's bad people out there panning bad things....

And gold and silver are creeping back up today. I wonder if anyone sold PMs for bitcoin and is selling bitcoin to go back to PMs? My guess is that they are giving another crypto a chance first.

Thanks Greg! I'm not a big trader but your content is always thought provoking and insightful! I'll look into this for sure!

Im a simple person... I see greg... i upvote

@marketreport dear sir,i always folloe you and your post always good.thanks:)

Thank you for communicating the heartbeat of what you see going on.

Bitcoin dengan strategi yang cerdik.

Lower BTC price just means a buying opportunity. I don' t see anything wrong with the price going lower. We were overdue for a healthy pull back. It could go back to 14k and the weekly would still be green with an uptrend.

You may certainly be correct. All you need to do is watch the futures which (if you have been following them) are leading BTC price action. If the futures start being bid higher (front month) then THAT would be your real buying opportunity.

I agree with you that you gave very good advice.
i like your comment @marketreport

it is true sir

Thanks for your post. We understand the risk...thanks a lot.

Not a good news then ! 😐

That will affect the rest of cryptos!

I am not sure about that. I believe we may see investments in other cryptos actually gain.

I see it exactly like this in the short to medium term. One point I foresee is, if China would destroy Bitcoin, then this will affect all Cryptos. But the good ones survive and will be even stronger after a couple of months. I think China waites for this step. Right now Cryptos are also weakening the dollar and that's in favor for China.

Yeah. it's risky to invest on bitcoin. It's rate is going down.

The post that you posted about Bitcoin contains many important information about this, which is very helpful for me. Through this post I learned something new. Thank you so much for sharing this great news about Bitcoin with us.

So the market follows the futures traders now? They're not actual buyers of BTC anyway..just betting on price, and they could be wrong

They could, but if you have noticed since BTC traded on the CMe futures, the largest exchange in the world, and BTC futures were being bid lower Bitcoin has dropped 20%. Coincidence? Sorry I do not believe in them..

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Bitcoin drops and other Cryptos rise. I would do definitely point 1. And if you still own Bitcoin, I would sell them immediately. Ether is number 1 for me. They are not dependet to China like Bitcoin. They have Smart Contracts and on this chain hundreds of Companies are arising right now.

Thanks, Greg! 👍🏼

I know man .but what i doing now,i 'm very nervous.

nice info @marketreport although graph is alarming for bitcoin holder, but showing a true pic to user is important. any way nice sharing. Best of luck to all bit coins holder

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