Bitcoin: Hype Or Holy Grail? By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Well said, I've always believed in the potential of bitcoin and crypto in general. That being said, it's an extremely risky game, anyone that says otherwise is a fool. I believe bitcoin is going to 100k or beyond but just because I believe it, does not mean that it will happen. BTC has had what...4 crashes of ~80% in the past? There is no reason to believe that is not going to happen again. Right now, I have what I have and I'm holding but that could change.

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Resteemed, Bud. Definitely a good idea to use caution right now. You're right, I'm sure regulation is coming. The thing is, decentralized exchanges are popping up left and right. TPTB might just be a little too late on this one (fingers crossed). Anyway, have a great rest of the w/e.

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Greg, I took the same position as you. Sold what I had walked away with a mediocre profit in my pocket. Invested a little in LTC smaller fees. One issue that many are experiencing myself included, is the miners are choosing to charge higher fees before they allow the confirmation. I bought a small amount of BTC 4 days ago, still has not been confirmed, I have tripled checked with Quadriga and they say it’s the miners that are withholding and only concentrating on the larger buys, which is not fair to those who do not want to go heavy. Just my thoughts.

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HODL ( hold on for dear life ) And resist the FUD ( fear, uncertainty, despair )

Resist the FUD, Sounds like dog sh*t to me. Better is-understand the risk, (UTR). Do you?

I Only invest what I can afford to lose. Like you I stay away from btc, it needs to pullback. the eth, ltc, and salt are doing fine. I've been stacking silver for 11 years, 30-40 oz every week. I go long because I would lose my a*s if I tried to play the short game, that is why I do not own ANY paper. I work during the day and the only market news I get is from you and a couple of others. Yes I know the risk.

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You are wise to take the profit and stand back.

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100% agreement! I trade only in minute fractions of your volume but always argue with myself about entries and exits. When that happens I have to talk myself out of measuring my success against the charts. As long as I make gains, I'm golden lol Upped and resteemed!

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