Coffee with Lynette Zang and Greg Mannarino On The Markets, Crypto, Meltdowns, MORE!

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Gregory Mannarino

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Lynette and Greg are one hell of a tag-team!

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Interesting interview, unfortunately I'm inclined to agree with most of what was said.

One thing though, you both mentioned the NSA whitepaper on crypto currency saying it described bitcoin. I just read that paper, it does not describe bitcoin. On the surface it may seem like it but it only describes one part of the bitcoin protocol (the digitally signed token) and points out limitations, the real innovation in bitcoin is its solutions to those limitations.

  1. The need for a "bank" or central "trusted" authority has been eliminated with bitcoin. No one needs to trust anyone, you just trust the maths and the network as a whole.

  2. The ability to preserve both payer and payee anonymity at the same time as eliminating the possibility of double spending.

I realise the solutions to those problems are not perfect, in Bitcoin itself at least, but the back is broken on the problems.

If course that doesn't mean "they" did not create it.

If you are interested in understanding the difference between bitcoin and what is described in that paper and perhaps a hint to what Fed coin or USD coin might look like, Andreas Antonopoulos touches on many of those things in the video below.

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Great interview man, you nailed it! ;)

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Now, the explosion of cryptocurrencies started, the meltdown is occurring at the same time and proportionally too... How's that for timing?!? Great job, as always, thanks for sharing and namaste :)

Everything's unfolding way faster than I expected. It's crazy!

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Coffee with Lynette Zang and Greg Mannarino On The Markets, Crypto, Meltdowns, MORE! check it out at……

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Lynette is right.

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Hailed as one of the most topsy-turvy days in the history of the cryptocurrency, the price of bitcoin plunged more than $1,000 in the span of about 10 minutes on November 29, hours after the cryptocurrency hit a new all-time high above $11,000. In the aftermath sell orders began piling up amid a surge in traffic resulting in intermittent outages at a number of bitcoin exchanges.

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No, i'm sorry, but i'm not just an conspiracy theorist, you're just remarkably uninformed.

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the only problem is that she sells metals so doesn't want to hear aboyt kryptoeconomy

I just wonder what that asshole Andy Hoffman is doing , or saying now when he was just so abusive about Mrs Zang’s remarks about Bitcoin going to be tapped into by the NWO banksters ⁉️ I hope he feels like he appeared to me . An out of touch asshole ❗️

Intersting video
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I would like you to have more debate with Lynnett. Very informative.

Very informative...thanks for your post...:)

Great interview! I've enjoyed Greg's work for over a year and was pleased to come across Lynette Zang. Lots of great content from both.

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