Gregory Mannarino Is Officially A Google Bad Boy! Nice...

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I always knew you were a bad boy Greg but now it’s is Google official. Congratulations. The fact that these large companies and media organizations try to hide the truth is unbelievable. The truth will come out and for those that were made aware from people like you, they will be ready. The rest will be fleeced ... again with a smile on their face like last time.

Well Greg maybe the truth hurts, Google’s lose is Steemits gain keep up the good work, thanks mike

Congratulations, Gregory. Your truths must be making difference. Upvoted and Resteemed.

You are very brave man ....

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LOL. Congratulations on the seal of approval achievement.

I concur, well done by Greg.

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Congratulations Greg, you're in good company!!

Actually, the more that I think about it google has compiled an excellent list of websites that I need to look into and start frequenting. Some of my favorite websites are already on the list. Thank you google!!

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Congratulations for this achievement! It isnt trivial!

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It looks like someone pulled this list together by looking at my web browser bookmarks and subscription list on #YouTube.

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Congrats on making the list, for some it is a real badge of honor to be part of the change the world needs. Google needs to be independent of politics, gov't agencies and bankers. I am sure we have many mutual friends and contacts on that list, all the best.

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Keep following you, perhaps I will be lucky anough to get to googles top 400 bad guys as well.

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Congratulation for making googles top 400 bad boys.

The Robin Hood of wall street strikes again
You are so not afraid of them
Google is shaking and frightened as hell
But we here think that our Greg's done well.
Tell the truth and set them right
is your theme and sole delight
Kick ass my friend and give a roar
I know your ratings are bound to soar!

Hehe, well stated.

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Great post
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It looks like someone pulled this list together by looking at my web browser bookmarks and subscription list on #YouTube.

Well done Greg. in good company,

Be proud of it Greg.
Criticism of the FED is not allowed in Soviet America.
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Happy day

Congrats Greg! it is a badge of honor to be on the google"bad boy list" keep up the great work Robin Hood! upvoted resteemed and commented.
Oh and what about that bond market! 10yr up to 2.646.... ack

Congratulations Robin! You have accomplished knighthood :)


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Listen to all, follow none! Good work Greg!

Hi greg congrats! That’s a nice badge to have.

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Google is the search engine the internet world,
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What are your favorites on the list?

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Congrats for your brillant achievement!

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It will only be a matter of time before you completely drop out of that crowd controlling machine. When will it be Gregory? You have enough followers on here. When you do make the switch you will make a dent to google's youtube and at the same time boost membership to Steemit and Dtube.

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Great post sir.
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Congratulations, Greg! Badge of honor!

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wow, great list. Apparently if someone has different opinion about global economy or politics than he will be disliked by google, there goes our '' freedom '' or '' right to have opinion on things ''. Thanks for sharing:)

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Congratulations for this achievement! It isnt trivial!
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Check out

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Great video by robin hood! Upvoted right away 😀

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Congratulation for making googles top 400 bad boys.

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Already visiting less and less google and Youtube, don't like censorship.
We are not supposed to live in a totalitarian dictatorship whether its government or Corporations.

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