I'm Back! Must Watch Updates: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Trading! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Thanks for the video, Welcome back Greg! Are cryptos gonna run up another bull run? Or has the crytpo market run out of steam for now? What's 2018 got in store?
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@slayer10....My view: Cryptos will soar dramaticaly in 2018. The next couple of weeks I think it will go sideways. I just touch Ether and Steemit. The only cryptos who are used in real life.

I see that as a recommendation, and I'll just touch only Steemit. Thank you :)

@slayer10...I'm not 100% convinced about Steemit so I divide the risk between Ether and Steemit. Steemit has delegated proof of work. There are just 30 or 100 Fullnodes. That's why it is very fast and cheap. But the risk of manipulation is bigger then with Ether. I follow both concepts. I still prefer Ether with Vitalik Buterin. Very smart guy.

First of all "@ slacer10" is not :) I am the @slayer10 :) And you are very clever. But I'm more new. And my deposits are just fractions. I will do great things when the time comes with the information I gather from people like you in the first place.

@slayer10...I edited slacer:-). Future will show if I am clever. Gregory Mannarino proofed he is very clever.

Friends, if you had given me an information. In fact, why is the steam dollar decreasing? Please tell, please @mafsteem
I want to purchase steem power ... but I do not know how to purchase. If you know, please say .............?

@khurshid...Go to Wallet, at the amount of Steem Dollars klick Market. There you can buy Steem for your Steem Dollars. Then go to Wallet, at the amount of Steem klick Power up. Then you have Steem Power. You can not sell Steem Power for 3 months. Why Steem Dollars is decreasing I don't know. I thought it's the same value like the real Dollar, but it is not. I will follow this to understand it better.

Absolutely :) Thanks again :)

I want to ask you one last question. Should I invest in Ethereuma? Now all my dreams are based on bitcoin. @mafsteem

@slayer10...80% of Bitcoin-miners are in China. So China could probably destroy Bitcoin. There is the risk of the futures now. Bitcoin can't serve as a currency (slow and expensive). Bitcoin can get forked so it's not unique like Gold. Bitcoin has so many risks. Ether has as many transactions like all the other incusive Bitcoin together. It is used in real life. AXA insurance is selling flight insurances with Ethereum and many more. The concept of Ethereum is genius. Ether came down from 815$ to 660$ and now it's 763$. You could wait a couple of days. Maybe it's coming down to 700$. But then I would buy very quick.

I think we'll continue to chat a bit more.. :)

Friends @mafsteem, you have very good comments. Tried to explain it very well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I have been thinking for a long time what I would invest in.I would like to take these views into consideration.
Thanks for information..

You said the truth. I also think so. Thanks to him, I got the answer that I knew. ........

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Thank You for this Video and welcome back.


Great to have you back!
Trading hasn’t been the same in recent days without your videos.
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Great post.very helpful Updates.i Watch.
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i always use your site ...https://www.traderschoice.net/

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Trading hasn’t been the same in recent days without your videos.
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One of your greatest video Greg!

Thanks for sharing! How long do you think this bullish bond market will continue?

You are quite a specialist in trading aren't you?
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Just signed up on steemit. You were the first person I followed.

Good to have you back after the christmas-break, always a good and quick market-information ;-) Good, that gold seems to have his lows behind itself and will have a bettter run in 2018. Money for investing should always seen as a complete loss, without influencing "normal life" ! Like always, resteemed

Thanks for this video I've benefited a lot
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Woo-hoo! Greggy's back! Are cryptos gonna run up another bull run? Or has the crytpo market run out of steam for now? What's 2018 got in store?!
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Thanks Greg! I joined steemit three days ago because of you! Watch the bond market.

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Watch the bond market! Follow the BTC futures! Follow Greg's trades! Read Traderschoice.net and follow Greg on Steemit! Okay, I got it!!!

That! Is how you play with the big boys.

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