IMPORTANT UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, US Dollar, Trading, MORE! By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Excellent analysis. You have been spot on for so long it is scary. I look forward to what thisbyear brings. Thanks for whT you do.

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Another great insight from you Greg and I also loved your interview with Greg Hunter.
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@stehaller...cause affect, cause affect, cause affect. Very important and simple.

@mafsteem Yes, It's very important.

boss @marketreport very informative information.

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Great interview with Greg Hunter! Saw it just before the appearance of this post. Wonder how long they can continue with the propping up before it bursts. Take care.

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your best job for all of us appciriciate your give us good signals on market daiyl @marketreport

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Thanks for that all information. @marketreport

buy the dips


Video wonderful and useful
Thanks for sharing with us

he is robin hood of wall street

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@marketreport...Great Interview with Greg Hunter. Cause Affect Cause Affect. Very important and simple. Bond market prop up as usual. Stock market up as usual. Dollar goes down as usual. We will win the yellen-battle. We are our own central bank!!!

@mafsteem I agree with you.Greg's conversations are very useful.
your findings are very accurate.Thanks for information generally :)) Thanks Mr.Robin Hood for information.. @marketreport

sir you are the best stock master i always appriciate your efforts on market @upvote and @resteemd

thanks Greg your express analysis is something I have gotten used to vis--vis a weekly basis. Its usually every one of accurate. @marketreport

Thanks again, Gregory, Upvoted and Resteemed. BYOCB.

It is bewildering that the present money is going down, how I saw your post, I miss you a ton, you have missed a great deal of recordings


you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for this

Great post

sir @marketreport
you are doing very perfectly and great video. This will help us to make it easier for us to understand that. Thank you for sharing

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nice blog sir
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The great posts just don't stop. Thanks Greg. Resteem & upvote.

Thank you very much
I am glad I found you article
I am interested in the shelter
I will definitely buy a few and make an exodus wallet too
It seems to be a very good useful coin
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Greg, are you planning to hold your BAC position through earnings?

Greg, you got another home run with this one and I like the tie and we did upvote and resteem for all to see

yes sir you are the number on the wall street : D

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Great tips as always. Thanks boss @marketreport

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stock bonds and usd updates i dont get any good predictions on mareket like you greg

$300 in one hour. Nice! Great article!

Great video Greg. I have been following you for quite awhile and really enjoy your analysis. Thank you so much for helping us out.

Greg, like how you stuck to topic (with Hunter) instead of going down the rabbit hole. Your focus is what I like the best. Thanks.

Another great video, upvoted as the first thing I've done as a Steemit user!

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Informative....Thanks for the information and helpful .
Thank's for sharing sir..If you mind checking out my blog for latest posts and updats, Thank you.

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Great! Fine GOOOD

Luckily i am not invested in Bonds ;)

Thanks Greg, great idea to post your trades on your white board. Thank you for all that you do for the masses. Totally agree with most everything you have to say. May they prop up this market for much longer so we can profit, and yes I am donating 5% of my profits to St Jude's children's hospital to pay it forward. I am up big on CAT and on your AMZN post!

Resteemed and Upvoted. Inflation has been on the radar with the way stock prices have been jumping. Question is: are we the next Venezuela?

Thanks Alot It's Awesome Info For Me As I am Going To Invest Thanks Again

thanx for this helpful video @marketreport

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Bad day so far for the crypto currency’s hopefully things will turn around soon, thanks mike

I thought the interview on, Greg Hunter’s, went fine. Greg & Gregory are two of my favorites. Watching it again to see if I missed something.

Free videos and now free book - you are very kind for us. Thank you, Gregory.

thanks for the updates! upvoted and resteemed..

Very good my friend

Bonds dropping again. Thanks for the update.

nice post

You've talked to us about a lot of important things. It's a lot like me. I like the style of talking to you. We ask you a lot of questions from you.

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With the Dollar weakening, trade it for silver which is also dirt cheap, as you say and I say, the most undervalued asset.

hello , sir Gregory Mannarino

Great one sir @marketreport always follow you:)
Thank you for sharing
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great update. thanks for sharing

great update. thanks for sharing ...

great update. thanks for sharing ....


really informative and important report. thanks for sharing

this is a great information for sure.
Thanks for the time and energy you put in there.

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It would appear that some head and shoulders to me, I additionally have no clue what I'm discussing..

I'm jumpin' UP aNd down.... EPIC! All things considered, we've all been worried about the central bank with all their fiat printing.......... This place of cards could descend whenever without the smallest breeze........ Appreciated Gregory! Up-voted my companion.

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$300 in 1 hour! Congrats Greg! #inspiration Great post!

Wonderful sharing dear @marketreport
Really i avail by your posts
Good luck

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Thanks, as you have said "let RIP this market!"

first time here but been following for a few years. trying to start trading but good pick. congrats on all you have been doing for the people out here. i really appreciate it. thanks

I got out of CAT with a 20% gain.

Great video! This is the new face of what a pullback looks like now!

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I'm going to market buy SP500 Creg, I hope you're

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