Is The Stock Market Really "Due" For A Big Drop? Have A Look At This Chart. By Gregory Mannarino

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Have a look at the chart below.

What you are looking at is a major divergence between what the S&P 500 is doing, and high yield bonds over the last 10 years. This divergence really got started in 2012, and the red line denotes where we are today. What this chart is demonstrating is the difference in performance between stocks and high yield debt however, we are reaching extremes-meaning one of three things will happen. (Possibly a combination of the three).

  1. Stock market valuations will come down or
  2. Junk bonds will rally.
  3. Some combination of the above 2 will happen.

It is hard to argue that stocks are not overvalued, so what this divergence should tell you is stocks are in fact due for a substantial pullback. Now just because this diversion exists does not mean that stock market valuations will return to more normal levels any time soon, it means we need to be mindful that a drop in stock market valuations is coming.

While it is virtually impossible to exactly time when a correction in the price action of anything will occur, just being mindful that one is due allows you to plan ahead and be ready when it does-and that puts you light years ahead of most other investors.

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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If am to say stock market will come down

Time for a period of puts maybe?!

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What goes up must come down.📉

In real value yes. But not in dollar value if the dollar crashes hard

Either way the fact is true
It will come down! Just a question of in dollar terms or real value terms. Greg is right about all this!

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The rise of the SP 500 index is an unexplainable situation, as there are no bilateral announcements yet and geopolitical risks are increasing in the world, just because the Dollar is weak and there are buyers. As a falling volatility only rises in commodity prices, the shares that will remain between these two can be very badly affected. Because of this, the upsurge of the SP 500 index is not real, and after the ascension, short-selling sales positions can make money. @mafsteem @marketreport

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Bonds & dollar crash is supporting stocks

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Thank you Brother Greg for always showing dummies like me (!) out there what is going on with market activity. I especially appreciate your use of graphics like the chart above. You are the man !

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The Robin Hood

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Japanese Purchases Of US Treasurys Tumble - Zerohedge article.

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You might find this post on Shadow Government Stats interesting.

Sadly, few have a clue about the implications of this chart...wonder what the most recent Shadow Stats reveals now, 24 days later than this post @procrastilearner.

Dollar and bonds are diving and how long it will last, stocks will rise.

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I've been seeing retail investors piling in here at the highs, that is a good sign a top is near. Good stuff!

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Not sure you can call what will be GLOBAL SYSTEMIC COLLAPSE a "correction"...but okay ;)

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Don't worry #robinhood we have a plunge protection team. lol

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Indeed we are ready for correction. With Trump in office and the Federal Reserve both wanting to push the market higher as the illusion I don't know how long this will continue.

Great post as usual! I think we could see some interesting things over the next few months. Greg The Man Mannarino!

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Greg junk bonds yield would fall, not rise

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Things are about to get really really interesting.... all that low volatility has been slowly coiling tighter & tighter getting closer & closer to maximum density & 🎇🎆

Man, @marketreport, I hope there is not a major correction but I believe that we are due for one. I unfortunately lost about 10-15% of my portfolio value (only about $5K, but still hurts) on Thursday and Friday with my 3 major Marijuana stocks I invested in - TWMJF, APHQF, and ACBFF. Any thoughts on this space?

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