Lions! The Stock Market Is Sending Us Clear Signals, And We Need To Pay Attention. By Gregory Mannarino

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On August 2, 2017 the Dow Jones industrial average hit 22,000, and as I predicted in the video below which I did the day after Dow 22,000, it absolutely was short lived.

**Watch the video below which I did on August 3 (the day after DOW 22,000), in which I stated clearly that the Dow Jones industrial average hitting 22,000 would be short-lived and why. (Important).

The current dynamics in this market looking forward, are undoubtedly flashing yellow if not red.
This market needs to pull back, and I have been outlining this fact as of late.

Yesterday, (Friday,) the US 10 year yield hit 2.169% dropping from the previous trading days.
What this should tell us, simply by watching this yield drop lower, is cash is making its way again into the perceived safety of bonds.
This movement of cash into bonds could signal more losses coming across the major stock indices.

As traders we should welcome a pull back with open arms, because in order for this market to move meaningfully higher, a 5% correction at a minimum is needed, (IMO).

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I remember watching this when you released it. Your feel for the market is uncanny brother and I have literally saved thousands of hours yearly from making your videos my primary source of information for the markets and cutting loose spending my time on quite a few other financial channels and rags. Greatly appreciate your work.

The key is simply acquiring dollar alternatives and hard assets. Slowly building up your personal central bank's balance sheet is the only way to protect you and your family.

Been telling my co-workers to sell their amazon at $1000 since June...They think this dip is a buying opportunity. Meanwhile my Bitcoin is going bonkers

Agreed, Greg. We're due for a correction and i think it will be in September when they announce the end of cheap money.

Nice, i like it the your post, thanks

The cardhouse has to fall down sometime...

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As traders we should know when to buy and when to sell. I agree with everything you said @marketreport. We should be aware enough about this.

Thanks... Just downloaded the only book by You that i didn't had.
And i hope that we can have the postponed "one on one" before it takes off again?!

tell me one thing which is more important in life... bitcoin money or time.