(Monday 1/15/18). Bond Market Pointing Towards a Tuesday Morning Sell Off. By Gregory Mannarino

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(Snapshot below taken directly from my website TradersChoice).
Despite stock futures pointing to a higher open, bonds are poised for a sell off... Will they AGAIN prop it up? #FAKEMARKETS Watch this LIVE at the market open tomorrow, Tuesday 1/16.
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@marketreport...This strange green bar will light up again. I don't think they let bonds crash. But who knows. There is a perfect opportunity in the cryptos now. Buy steem or ether or whatever you like. China did this at least 6 times the last 2 years. In 1-2 month the coins will be doubled or even tripled as it always did after such an announcement. I bought yesterday so I missed this great opportunity for 1 day. This happend to me last year twice. But it recovers very fast. upvoteded and resteemed.

Hi @mafsteem,
I bought 85 LTC yesterday at $225

@healthiswealth...$225 will be seen soon again. The storm is over. The big money will come in the next weeks. Last year I had 2 of this storms. It's almost impossible to foresee this.

I have been without internet the last 36 hours, Missed buying More LTC down at the $160 level. Hope It drops back down to $60 to buy $50,000 worth.

@healthiswealth...it could come down to $160 the next 7 days.

I am hoping for LTC to go down to at least $100

@healthiswealth...I wouldn't bet on it because I think the big pullback is over. Maximum to $160.

I would be a fool not to buy at $150 / $100 / $50 after buying at $225 .

Just hope the correction is deep enough to get each price.


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dont know much about bonds. only familiar with stocjs and crypto but i feel like i understand it a lil better now by following your work. Thanx Greg!

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Excellent post and thanks for telling us about bond market and your tradechoice website is full of knowledge, thanks for creating such informative websites, Stay blessed

Unless the federation of old farts starts buying again.

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Can't wait to see what happens

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I just saw the Sundays video and it is sounding worse by the minute. But let ask this if the whole enchilada comes down and i have $200.00 dollars in the banking system would any of that paper be any good to fight the long lines or what???? And if that is so what would we as potential traders do with any currency in the brokerage. Would we have a chance to make money buy buying puts and if we can, would we be able to withdraw form the banking system at all.
You know this video is one of the more urgent of all the videos you put out there by far and this is just my opinion, I Don't know bout the rest of you all.

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@marketreport, even if the dollar keeps going down with the bonds, what effect will that have on the market?

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If someone sold it someone bought it....but who??????

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I will sell off my own.is about to end enter bullish down

There is a lot of chattering out there. This could be the beginning of something big. But then again, who knows. Let's wait and see.

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Agreed, dollar wants to take a nose dive.

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Hey Gregory, thanks for the update. The Bonds, the Bonds, it's all about the Bonds! :D

I agree with your analysis. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Will 'they' try to prop it up again?? It's a fake market, so most likely they will try. However, you're ripping the face off of this market nonetheless! Great job! :D

I'd like to get back into the markets, but I'm a little gun shy, since I lost large back in '00-'01, during the dot.com bubble.

Btw, I'd also like to personally thank-you for pointing me in the Steemit direction. I've been following you on YT for a while now, and the post you did a couple of weeks ago, stating, 'if you do nothing else in life, just go and open an account on Steemit, and start making some freaking money by posting, commenting, and upvoting...' or something to that effect. LOL

Thanks again, man.

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Things seem to be heating up. Hopefully a nice correction on wall st. will light the fuse for crypto...

If anyone has a question about Greg's hypothesis about the BTC exchange price following the CME futures.... I'm not one of them. I've been watching it. I took some screen shots but they really don't do enough justice without doing a few dozen each day. So far the price lags a few hours behind but it settles at the 3 month future price.
I am still looking to see if a fluctuation in BTC exchanges makes the futures move initially but regardless, it settles at the futures price.

Cheers Again Greg!!!

Don't eat at Tony Roma's and don't go to a meeting out in the middle no where with anyone!

More "Casino" jokes.

Bonds will get propped up again.

I don't know what to think gregory, I am not in the big market, I do start-ups and resource explorers. I pay attention to you for the truth, thanks.

there is a bond rally coming..as commercials have been buying and buying big recently. Are they wrong?

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