Now Here Comes The Fed. To Push Stocks Ever Higher! Gregory Mannarino

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JUST LIKE I SAID WOULD HAPPEN! Out comes The Fed. To calm markets, "Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans on Wednesday said he would like to wait until mid-2018 before raising rates." Incredible...

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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It is really unbelievable how the fed can continuously get away with things like this ... almost as unbelievable as gold and silver manipulation. It happens in broad daylight and no one calls them on it ... except for you Greg. Keep up the good work.

Yes, it is unbelievable how the Fed gets away gets away with it,but it has been doing this since its inception in December 23, 1913.

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Excellent call, you were definitely right on this one.

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Good call as usual, I am wondering if we will see the 3 rate hikes as stated by the Fed this year or if they will change that number as we progress throughout the year.

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Wow. Need to clean house with all these bots that do not contribute any meaningful content.
The 10 year us and german bond are back up to where they were past friday. Gold is still under control though..

upsteemed... haven't even seen it, but who is surprised.... The FED will stop at nothing short of the death of the currency

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He learned how to guess from you. Maybe it might be sooner than mid-2018.

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We're in a Soviet-style managed economy now.

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