SITUATION CRITICAL : Is The Fed. About To Allow The Bond Market To Go Supernova? By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Your cover photo look very angry. It will be better if you can smile

It's not like they can do anything to stop it.

Let me rephrase that. They've been doing all they can to slow the unavoidable approach of a bond market crash, but there's only so much one can do to slow/stop the boulder that's rolling down the hill towards the cliff.

The FED definitely has an agenda if they allow it to happen. I don't think the FED will willingly let it happen and they have the power to stop it. The reason why they didn't stop it in 2008 was to benefit its buddies at GS and JPM. They killed AIG + Bears Stern + Lehman in one scoop. They also got those gold/silver from Bears Stern + Lehman.

Everything is planned out by those banksters. We the poor foks are the last to know.

I think the Fed have no alternative but to keep it going on as long as they possibly can. Do they have the power to stop it? No way. There are financial crisis brewing all over the world - Venezuela and Italy jump to mind - any of which could spark the avalanche.

@marketreport...Bond King Bill Gross. Bonds still lower and deep red. Time bomb to fair value. I don't think it happens now. Probably a couple of months (3 months) more proping up. upvoted and resteemed

Bond Blood Bath today

Buy back tomorrow

Come June? Look out!

thanks sir.I hope that it will increase in the near future

@sniper08...It looks very bad at the bond market. But I think they need more time so they will prop up. Or maybe they have no ammunition any more.

thanks sir.What should we invest in steemite ?

@sniper08...Steem is a very good invest for the next 3-6 months I think. Now the entry point would be very good. It went up from 3 to 8.40$. Then down to 5.20$ and now it's stabilizing at 6$. I think in the next 5-10 days it is moving up again. Very bullish. Long term investement ist Ether. The best. But now the entry point is bad. Waiting for a big pullback.

thanks sir.Is there a fluctuating political environment in the world that can not adversely affect steemet?

@sniper08...I think there is one problem with steemit. The red flag. Yellen could sign up in steemit and put 10Mio$ fresh printed dollars into steempower. She would be a whale. She could push the flag of gregory mannarino an the rewart is 0. She could do that with a bot. That's why I'm cautious but the next 3-6 months I don't think something like that will hapen. But later for sure.

thanks sir. I trust you

I think that, as with all social media sites, it's more useful for them to let us speak freely and try to know everyone's true intentions and how we plan for the future, and we've made it tremendously convenient for them to do so by putting everything on a public blockchain so they won't even have to interact with any business before analyzing all of the data.

Also super-powered flags are already a problem in inhibiting free speech and letting people say what they think, governments or not.

Hey @mafsteem .. :-) You are a genius in ETH and you deserve it ..


Trumph ! is it possible ? @mafsteem @sniper08

I have to agree with you on this one. We are at critical support in the charts in both 3 month and multi year, but it is a trend line where it has found support in the past. My guess is bonds are bought and the party continues!

@mafsteem They will try to hurt Trump before the midterm elections.

@stehaller...great hint. so it is very possible the thing goes down now or in the next weeks.

@stehaller...there are still little green bars. It looks they try to prop up but they can't manage.

@mafsteem This market has gone up for so long, it could take month before it unwinds, but when it does it will be brutal.

@stehaller...exactly. The bond market will start the avalanche.

No way the Cental Banks are done propping up markets.

@geauxbraud1...what is the reason? midterm elections?

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excellent post

I mistakenly thought Obama was the fall guy for the banksters, but it's going to be Trump instead. Crypto will probably be blamed as part of the collapse that's coming too.

I couldn't agree more that this is planned, and it is more of the same for generations: It is a wealth transfer. A better way to say it is a consolidation of wealth to a small oligarchy.

Most people will not benefit from what is about to happen, but the few like us will. That has to be how it works, or the oligarchs couldn't benefit. The vast majority have to lose. They set these things up on purpose of course.

Thanks for all you do, Mr. Mannarino! You're a Liberty Professional and fighting hard for the cause. By sharing your wisdom and knowledge, you are saving a lot of people's wealth.

one of your best videos

Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted Resteemed. I am listening. Watching.

Thank You, Gregory. Thanks for growing my SteemPower. BYOCB.


Well said Greg. I have been thinking we are close for a while . I may be wrong but it seems its getting harder and harder for them to prop up the bond market.
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Great video. Looks like more propping up for the bond market in the near future!


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Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

Thanks for the Info. Will watch later.

Hard to tell if this is the time the Fed lets it go. If not, it will likely be soon (2018). Petro Yuan will kill the dollar either way, so they may want to do a controlled "killing" under their own control.

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Greg, a grand slam home run with this one and I Agree and love the video and we did up vote and resteem and we will share it with everyone

Thanks for the insight, I like to beat the market for free. Let me study your website. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Greg for a great video as always

the FED will prop up the bond market! upvoted and resteemed

So much love to share,.. and Yes,... with the one who appriciate it everytime..

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I completely agree, Risk Assessment. I think a lot of people ignore the obvious and find themselves in deep water.

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They let silver go until some one at Chase got the memo to put over night sells in. The guy at the FED in charge of buying worthless bonds was probably too busy counting his year end bonus. He'll snap to in the morning.


good sir i like your work @resteemd

Here we go........ buy the ticket, ride the ride... lol
Bonds are circling the bowl.... could they be saved..... Stay tuned for the dramatic climax to this tale, or maybe not. We shall see...
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Great video, thank you!

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Thanks for sharing....

The entire system is gonna blow wide open SOON! I can't believe it's been going on as long as it has. Always an UPVOTE, Greg!

It's getting kinda spooky out there. I'm not much of a trader, but I think a move to a higher cash position is warranted.

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Banks should do pretty good in a higher interest rate environment.
Great call on AIG!

i like your efforts for good anylisis on market sir @upvote and @resteemd

Greg, It seems to me like, as you've said, that this whole thing is a political play. Globalists create financial crisis to (1) gain control over our society, and (2) increase their wealth. This is achieved by having one of their puppets in power. Hillary is one of their puppets; if she had won, then we would have a crash. Trump doesn't seem to be a puppet; there is no point in melting the market down, because Trump will be the one capable of writing the rules to put things back in order. Hillary would write the rules according to her liking: by increasing governmental control.

Something that may prompt the globalists and KGB agents in government to let this whole thing burst, is if Trump is causing irreversible damage to their agenda. Additionally, as highlighted as an economical mechanism by the Iron Mountain Report, this may be an incentive to get us into another war (grease the wheels with our blood).

If I were a globalist, I would want to turn the people against Trump - They've tried that with the media, doesn't work very well, especially when Trump is cutting people's taxes and bringing jobs back (which is something the average U.S. citizen actually feels) - I would find some way to get us involved into a foreign war, and convince Trump that it would be prudent for him to do so. For this we need a motivation and persuasion, that could entail a correction, which is far beyond me in this game of political chess.

~ All the best, and good luck,


Bond propping to continue for the short term.

Thank You Greg, I think they will keep the bond market up till Janet leaves and then let it go. Good time to buy Silver.

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YES! I think tomorrow - the FED will had a blood pipline to the streets!
I'm also prepared of the short game.
Greg you make a very good job - always - day by day!
I thank you very much - Robin Hood of Wall Street!

Looks like the big shift is coming early, upvoted and re-steemed!

Greg thanks for that wonderful video. I can see your website is loaded with a lot of info. On silver, Bitcoin, steem, ripple etc. I will explore it. Upvote.

your anylesis on stock and market and predictions are always right and we always need its greg sir i also @resteemd

best work for your predtions on market with your videos and posts sir @reseemd

thanx sir for this always help of videos @upvote and @resteemd

you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for this

Your work shocks the world of steemit, incredible. !!

You have hit it on the head again I feel it will go lower.

Another great video! Thanks!
I think they will continue to prop it up in the near term

Been short the stock market through an inverse ETF! It's been difficult, but my position size is rather small.

Would be nice, if you would join us on the SHORT side!

The day is coming!

There is a person named SilverGoldman talking bad about you

He uses my name so people pay attention to him. Funny right?

In my, over-half-a-century on the planet, I've learned to REALLY distrust The Felony Reserve.

I do believe The Fed is about to let the whole damn economy collapse, as it's become nearly impossible to keep it propped up!

Thanks for your post, and you have a new follower.

We should keep our eyes on the VIX as well. That thing starts moving outside of its expected daily move and things could get interesting.

Resteemed. I think it would be too early to let the market drop now if the goal is to hurt POTUS. So, I imagine, they will be at the rescue first thing in the morning.

Upvoted! It's a scary thought where this country will be if this were to occur but we all know the day is coming........

There is no way the Fed will stop manipulating anything. Why would they? They will not do anything that can potentially weaken their full control of the system.

That is why we leaving them and that is why we try to stop the FRS.

As i watch your video i come acroos where gregory mannarino mention bill gross and i google about it and i found out that the guy is really good in stock market.thanks for making me know more on stock market every dad by day.

Cernovich invests in Bitcoin. Me, too.

I predict they are going to let the air out of the tires. Feinstein's release is an act of desperation to minimize damage of information coming out, maybe tomorrow. Stock and bond crash would be a great distraction to a Wikileaks publication. Remember, they will protect their own, no matter the cost to anyone else.

I love Wiki Leaks. People should go to it more often:

We are out of the market. IRAs have been converted to self-directed precious metals IRAs which we hold in-house, so to speak, and what money we can spare is also deposited in our own central bank. I am just beginning to have the confidence enough to trade the market like you have taught us. Heck, I even signed up for Twitter just so I could follow you and be on the cutting edge of what is happening in the markets, and I am posting on Steemit. Thanks, Greg, for all you do.

It is good to have an IRA or something. Good to invest. Good to be where people are in the ghettos of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It is also good to be on Steemit, Minds, Gab, etc, too. Good to try to trade and stuff. I bought some Bitcoin for the first time back in June 2017 and I'm still learning and everything. Thanks for sharing. I'm Oatmeal.

The dating ad is a bit out of place but hey, take what you can, while you can!!! STEEM on, brother!

I like dating.

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resteemed/upvote. #Bloodbath Thx for the Crypto charts

You keep warning about the Bond market.
One thing appears for sure is I hear A LOT about the bond market being a key indicator.
The bomb is set to blow, I would say a stock market crash, but it is more of a transfer of wealth.
Those who have been stacking Gold and especially Silver will be rewarded. buy real money, trade in your dollars....
I agree 100% about steem, but I am surprised yo support ripple, seems to be a bankers controlled crypto.

Uhhh, I dunno. But it does seem that the banksters are fighting too many fires at the same time...Gold, Silver, Cryptos, Bonds, Stocks, Trump.... the Fed may be feeling overwhelmed

It's so wonderful my friend

They will only try to hurt trump, but the whole election is full of hope. @marketreport I think steem have proof to be a good investment in awhile now. and the Ripple will trend little by little upward.

Not just yet Greg, I think they probably were thrown a curve (influx from an opposing entity) and didn't have time to react. Let's just wait and see tomorrow.

You tell it like it is Greg.

@marketreport, good analysis. i hope it it increase very well in the near future with time.

This is cool post...I apprecite ...Dear.

sir you are the best stock master i always appriciate your efforts on market @upvote and @resteemd

Seems like behind the curtain the major central banks (FED, ECB, BOJ) have decided behind the curtain to stop propping up the bond market.
It all started in Japan. Seems like they are scared because the oil price and copper went up so much during the last three month.

Maybe they pull the rug out off this market to hurt president Trump on the midterm elections.

Looks good. Like I asked before, where does the bond money go when it's out?

Their running out of ways to get this president, I thought they would wait closer to the midterm elections but I’ll be watching a lot closer now good vid Greg . Upvoted and resteemed

If this bond market sell off continues tomorrow, they will not be able to keep the market up any longer.
Great job Greg!

I don't know if you caught the news recently @marketreport, but Morgan Stanley called the top to bonds as well. They sold all their junk bond positions. The equity rotation to retail buyers might be complete, and now banks are probably looking to buy equities for a steep discount! They have to put that repatriated cash to good use.

I'm so nervous .crytocurrency coin are so down.
Thanks for share this news.

Greg, how can i see you open positions on traders choice?????

I don't know if they will allow this to happen but if it gets easily threw the 2.60 resistance it will be painful!!!

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Stock held steady today so no need to save the bond market.

I dont think its gonna happen now, my bet is that this will happen in the fall of this year.

We might get a preview in the overnight futures casino

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Cental Banks are done propping up markets yet

Greg, my friend, what happened today in the bond market was easily explained and there is really no need to panic . You see the boys at the Fed were short handed today because of the big flu outbreak and they just did not have the people to get in there and buy up the bonds. Simple as that.
And I am getting this straight from an insider at CNBC so you know it just has to be true!!!

I am Long the market until BND drops below $80.25. It wont crash now they need the stock market higher longer, they will use the crash as leverage closer to the next election in an attempt to regain control of the presidency.

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

Nice job.
resteemit done.