SPECIAL REPORT: China says NO To US Debt, Bond Market Gets Slaughtered. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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This was inevitable. If people didn’t see this coming .... well, they don’t follow you! Why would China want our debt. Hell no.

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Cause and Effect. Bill Gross was Right this time.

Huge Bond Sell OFF!

China will end the FED without one bullet.

Hyper-Inflation coming to USA in 2019

china about to dump the debt

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TLT has broken Head & Shoulder neckline. The selloff should take us to below 120.

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just in time for their petro- yuan contract getting launched next week

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I think the fed will start buying back again.

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This is going to be very interesting to watch play out. Without China buying our debt we're going to lose more than a leg or two............

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Looks like the bond market has been bought up where it's almost back up to the close from yesterday.

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China only fullfills the announced measurements of taking over leadership, the power goes now stronger to the east, remember the title of the Economist-newspaper, the rise of a new world currency is starting, for that, the dollar must be dumbed ;-) upvoted and resteemed !


It's good to hear this report. It was just a matter of time before China would say no to US debt which keeps growing.

Amazing that it's taken this long before China stopped buying U.S. Debt. My guess is the FED will buy the slack, or the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) at Treasury.

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TLT has broken Head & Shoulder neckline. The selloff should take us to below 120.

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I think China might just write the debt off or trade it for oil to avoid conflict. I also think they are using cryptos to hedge against the dollar as well. Nice update!

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This is the kind of signal we have been waiting for. Will it be the real thing or just another manipulation?

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Dip buyers in full force now!
Will be interesting to see if they can turn it around.

buckle up, we are entering the hurricane.
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I am having some success in getting at least one of the young baristas at the local coffee shop interested in Steem and this site.

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Something's definitely going down Greg. China's making their move.

Bill Gross just went short on bonds today.

WoW.... I expected to see some serious bond buying this morning.... Not happening yet..... Buckle up this could get bumpy....
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Still bonds selling off.... Yikes

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I have read the Bloomberg report which has spawned many of these rumours concerning China's dollar holdings. It is quite clear by the bilateral trade deals that China has/is forging with countries all over the world that China is slowly moving away from the dollar as world reserve currency. Take for example, the massive energy deals that China has signed with Russia that are settled in Yuan not dollars. I think that China will proceed cautiously in running down its holdings of US debt while it steadily builds up its gold reserves and develops the Silk Road which will give trade across the Eurasian landmass a huge boost.

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China and the BRICS want to dump the dollar and use their own currency for oil transactions. It'll be interesting to see how that ends...Upvoted!

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