Stocks Hit New Records As Bond Market Rigging Hits A New Level PLUS: Important Updates. By G. Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Dollar under pressure, cryptos down , metals down, looks normal to me

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Dollar under pressure, cryptos down , metals down, looks normal to me yes. That great to know upvote and resteem..

Thanks Greg. At some point you think this will crack then what happens next? Would CB A buy CB B to bailout?

Don't look at me, I'm not buying Bonds.

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LQQKs like another year of $16-$17 silver . . .

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The crypto currency’s are getting a good kicking greg, thanks mike

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Looks like the federation of old farts are buying up the bonds again.

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I still don't want any bonds ;)

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Stocks Hit New Records & crypto market is crashing today
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Yay! Euphoric bond buying by the fiat printers........... business as usual.......... nothing to see here! Oh wait, there's a buying opportunity still in the metals and BIG time within the CrYpTo'S!

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What's doing on with cryptos Greg ? There must be a bunch of Whales dumping...

It is refreshing to get some fiat related news, even though we all love crypto - fiat is still here!

This whole dollar slide, and pressure on the cryptos would be alot more frightening without your calm delivery of the information. You've always said keep your eye on the bond market and it will tell the whole of it. Thanks for your input!

now the market is going in bad condition all coins are in red line. Market is crushed badly, hope it will recover soon.

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A percentage of the entity's buying US bonds will be global pension funds that are mandated to do so because of traditional asset allocation theory that plagues the investment community. It happens here in Australia, our default super funds that people get enrolled in automatically often have allocations to US and Australian treasuries that can be as high 20%. The government mandates that ~9-10% (sometimes more if the employer offers it) of a person's salary is deducted and placed in these funds.

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Great to have you back after the long weekend. I hope your SPY ITM calls work out. But markets are becoming weaker at the moment.
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If the acceleration of the market is going this fast, I can only imagine what the drop will look like.

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I am starting to believe the only thing that will crash the markets is us being visited by the aliens on the other side of Saturn!

It's a rigged market, and has been for decades. My question is, when will this house of cards collapse? It has to at some point. This is unsustainable. How deep will the effect of the inevitable collapse be? The USD, precious metals, and cryptos all under pressure at the same time?? Wtf?

Cryptos under pressure, since they started trading on the Futures Market. Is this a way for the Big Banks to control the price of cryptocurrency, since they have no other control?

Is this why the heavy hitters here on Steemit have been cashing out over the last few days? Did they know this was coming?

These are the questions to ponder...

I got some debt to sell.

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