The Meltdown In Cryptocurrency's May Be A Warning For Stocks. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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I also think that crypto market crash will affect the stocks
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Upvoted. Peter Schiff said yesterday, he thinks something is up right here in the stock market and bond market as well.

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Usually when there is a market top, it becomes almost impossible to trade and I think you are the living proof.

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Yep, here comes the flood of DOLLARS back into people's hands. Get ready for deflationary event in the markets. The Fed will respond by doing the only thing they know how to: create liquidity. Then we will see the hyperinflation within months. It's happening.

Good post , I’m buying some physical metals at this time.


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Maybe cryptos are moving into metals? I've learned however something should move, it's always the opposite, but you step back and think about it it's right.

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Cryptos are sending message!!! Keep your eyes open... Yup

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