The Rise Of Bitcoin May Be A Warning, Ignore It At Your Own Peril. By Gregory Mannarino

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With the epic rise of Bitcoin continuing more or less unabated, even more mainstream financial "experts and bankers" are speaking out against it. At the same time these so called "experts" admit that they simply "do not understand Bitcoin."

Well clearly, I certainly do...

As most of you know who follow my work, I have nailed the rise of Bitcoin with 100% accuracy from when it hit $2,800, right through $10,000. Moreover, I have made hundreds of percent profit from Bitcoin's epic rise-and I outlined for my followers from all over the world how they should have done the same at that time. (Congratulations to those of you who listened).

6 months ago I wrote an article titled "Next Stop For Bitcoin $5,000 and Beyond." Click here:

I also wrote a follow up article on Bitcoin 3 months ago titled "Bitcoin To Hit $10,000 Within One Year." Click here:

To say the least my calls on Bitcoin have been spot on.

Here is my next 2 cents on Bitcoin, and my opinion may be worth a fortune.

In my opinion Bitcoin will continue to rise to heights which will take most completely by surprise, and I personally intend to take full advantage of it, (and so should you), but perhaps more importantly we should look a bit deeper into what is happening with Bitcoin.

Regardless of what you may think, Bitcoin, IS NOT a unit of debt. However, the US Dollar is, at it's core, a unit of debt being disbursed by a bankrupt government under the guise and rule of it's issuing central bank, (The Federal Reserve).

(FIRST). Understand, the Dollar's in which you hold DO NOT EVEN BELONG TO YOU!

The Dollars you hold are owned and owed back to the issuing central bank PLUS interest, and they set the rate.

Bitcoin in every way is diametrically opposite of what the Dollar represents.
Again, at it's core, Bitcoin is not a unit of debt which is owned and owed back to it's issuing central bank plus interest. (You, THE HOLDER, own it outright).

The rise of Bitcoin is directly reflective of the rise of "anti-debt," because it is owned by it's respective holder. Moreover, in my opinion the rise of Bitcoin will continue as central banks around the world have no choice but to inflate and issue more debt notes in the form of Dollars, Euros, etc.

In fact Bitcoin may just be THE warning of an impending meltdown of the malignant Central Bank debt based system, the writing is on the wall.

Gregory Mannarino, (The Robin Hood Of Wall Street).

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Find out more, visit my website TradersChoice. Click here:


Indeed people keep saying "but Bitcoin is backed by nothing". Backed by nothing is far far better than backed by less than nothing.

BTC to the Moon and LiteCoin to MARS...

but i think it price will fall some how i don,t know the reason but i feel like it

Emotional investment decisions usually fail to work out well. If you don't understand Bitcoin you will fear it. Learn some facts about how it works and how to manage the investment and stop letting fear decide for you.

yes but what if people start charging the taxes on the cryptocurrency

Thank You, Gregory. Reminds me of the proverb: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


Nice picture.

We live in interesting times ...

I love bitcoin cause now it is one of the best popular cryptocurrency in the marketplace.And all the time it's value is higher,So that when i hold only one bitcoin i feel like become a millionaire.

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You are right bro that's day by day gone be high warning cause this price increase unbelievably. Good to see your post.

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Bitcoin and this new asset (crypto currency) may also help extend the life of this current monetary system as fiat money has found a new home.

Yeah i agree with your warning. Thanks for sharing.

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You are right. Bitcoin is a game changer. Goverments and central banks will react to support their inflationary system, which left most people with worthless savings.

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Hey @marketreport

What would be price of Bitcoin and Ethereum in January.

I am very hopeful Bitcoin reaches $2000 and Ethereum $1000.

I'm loving 'The Robin Hood Of Wall Street'. I have a miniscule amount of bitcoin and it seems now out of reach for me, but even a small amount produces profit!

same here!

Yep, keep stackin' those bits lol

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Right on the money again Gregory, and yet the usual suspects will go quiet until the next dip to call out its demise again.

Rip the face off the coming meltdown.
Make sure you are prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse.
You know who the zombies will be.

Protect your bitcoin bro @marketreport

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US dollar is no more than a digital’s just digits the Fed types into its computer. At least with bitcoin some work in creating a algorithm has to be done.

A supreme court judge just ordered Bitcoin exchange to release the personal information pertaining to traders of Bitcoin. This is so that the government can tax those traders. It is NOT anonymous. I believe the government will not allow this to continue. They will control it somehow. I'm not buying it.

There is one similarity between Bitcoin and the dollar and it's a really bad one actually. Both are fiat, and are 100% backed by faith. Both have the capacity to revert to no worth at all. I believe the current system's failure will include a complete loss of faith in fiat.

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Hi Greg, I like that you point out that it is not debt based. People often ask me, "well who owns the bitcoin?" A real paradigm shift and people are starting to wake up and question, "what is money anyway?". Keep posting.

You're right Greg! I've been thinking this for a little as Bitcoin is heading to the moon. Maybe this was their temporary sponge to soak up the extra dollars floating around as money is printed, and treasuries sold.... "Look over here, not over there..."

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reposted thanks, i see the correlation happening . I'm wondering now how much time we have before wall st realizes they need to cover with false flag, because they are now behind the curve of bitcoin, and the biggest wealth transfer is about to happen.. GLTU GO CRYPTO'S

Agreed! Totally an instrument of preserving and multiplying ones wealth rather than watching its demise.

I concur... :-)

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It will until the CME futures' arrive on Dec 18th.....that is when you see the manipulations begin. Just like gld and silver....these banksters will not allow true price discovery on bitcoin. Naked shorting will begin. They do understand it my friend, that's why they are attacking it NOW.

December 18...look out!


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BTC has allot of lost coins so the total supply is probably going to be like 10-15 million coins in the end.
Thats why i belive in 3 years each bitcoin will be at 100k to 1 million!

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You are very much right. Those who bought bitcoins when they are pennies and cashed in when they hit 8k-10k mark, made the most out of this..

Now, things will become complicated a bit since bitcoin is going to directly influence USD value.. interesting times, we live in..

It looks like you are right Greg. I guess Gold and Silver would also be exploding in price if not controlled.

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so do gold and silver, we own it outright

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I believe you are 100% correct. Out with the bad, in with the good (currency, that is).

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We gonna have all sorts of crypto currency in the future man, not just bitcoin.

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The Robin Hood Of Wall Street: Stealing power from the bankers and giving it back to the people.

Any thoughts on Dash which is aiming to be the PayPal of the future instead of BTC which has abandoned what the whitepaper claimed to be ( A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System:

My personal opinion is that Bitcoin is a bubble that's riding on first-mover advantage, brand recognition and hype. I see a great future for alt-coins (especially privacy coins and coins that can be used to buy coffee or ice-cream).

Free markets always eventually ends up favoring the faster, cheaper and better option with extra features.
Keep posting great stuff. Upvoted and resteemed.

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