The Yield Curve Is About To Invert, And History Says Stocks Will Plunge. By Gregory Mannarino

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Listen to the main stream media financial channels and even if you hear a peep about the current yield curve it would be shocking.

This issue with the current yield curve cannot be ignored, and is something I have been talking about for at least a year.

At this time we are very close to a yield curve inversion.
Why is this important?

At the top of the DotCom bubble as well as the 2008 Stock Market crash the yield curve looked nearly identical to how it does RIGHT NOW. (Chart below).


NOW before you sell all your stocks and run for the hills, I want to be very clear.
The current yield curve is no doubt sending a warning however, this situation DOES NOT mean a stock market meltdown is imminent, it means that if it does not normalize, and frankly I do not believe it will, a stock market crash WILL OCCUR with a relatively short period of time. The timeline for a market crash is difficult to pin down however if history is a guide, and the curve does not normalize, we can expect another stock market crash in the not so distant future.

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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@marketreport...I think the meltdown won't come right now. First Germany need to have the Governement. Merkel will manage this in january. Then I think the bank problems will get managed. Germany is a big player in this field.

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The yield curve has been flattening for quite a while now as you have pointed out over the last several years. It is amazing to me that the powers that be can keep this thing floating for as long as they have. I thought for sure once Donald Trump was in office, they would go ahead and pull out the support beams, but I guess I was wrong. Sooner or later, there will be a lack of confidence and the whole thing will come down.

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Ow, I knew you woul come back before 2018. That’s why we had sell off at the end of the day, correct?
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Extraordinary work, you do this job very well and neatly, analyze and predict and even always update data.
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Ow, I knew you woul come back before 2018. That’s why we had sell off at the end of the day, correct?
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Great analysis Greg! I think Friday's sell off into the close was also a BIG warning sign.
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I was already expecting it 2 years ago. This financial bubble has to be one of the longest

We all know this is inevitable whether it's the big un' or just a huge correction that they'll no doubt try and paper over to prop back up.

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Greg is there any way that they (FED) can save this from happening? Thinking of the Bernie (Weekend with Bernie) and how they could move him around another day without the folks noticing that he is dead? Upvoted and resteemed

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Will Donald Trump allow that to happen? If so, he would want it fixed by the 2018 elections, I think.

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Hi Greg,
Got this from Bloomberg, : "The Treasury won’t auction any coupon debt, though it will issue an unprecedented $160 billion of bills on Jan. 2 -- the most ever on a single day "

Can you give your insight as to, how this will affect the dollar and the yield curve for the short term?
Do you think this a viable tactic to prevent a stock market crash?

Thanks for you help.

Follow Mannarino. Hes a very Knowledgeable, experienced and level headed investor. I've been watching for quite a while, He always has great vids on Youtube. Thanks for sharing your views @marketreport

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