This Is What's Next For The Stock Market. By Gregory Mannarino

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If the off the Richter Scale propping up of the bond market fails to lift stocks, expect direct propping up/buying of stocks to occur by the banks themselves via dark pools. This is all fake... No real price discovery whatsoever in this market.

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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Thanks Greg for pointing out all of these market manipulations. The "fishing" lessons are greatly appreciated.

Greg, I think your trading advice tweet sums it up...."You trade the market you have, not the one you want."

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It’s getting to the point where they can no longer support the weight of the debt, this thing is ready to collapse

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#Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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Ray Dalio just said we are in last phase in the cycle.

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The plunge protection team is something else. lol

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More of the same from the market huh? You know this thing is gonna keep running up until it CAN't anymore. It's funny how the talking heads are down playing CrYpIo'S today and all the rave now seems to be on regulation? I wonder how all of this will pan out? What say you?

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This is deliberate, and expected, but what is the solution ? That's what we'll be waiting for in your next video

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Someone pointed out that stagflation is begining to rear it's ugly head. I guess as long as they can keep putting lipstick on that market pig, a lot of people are going to be fooled. Upvoted and resteemed😁.

absolutely agree.Market is in our hands.No Bank,we are not affiliated with the Government or any organization .
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It's like we are being gaslighted.

The Fed "The stock market is always breaking an Olympic event.

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POMO to the moon and suchlike.

It's come to the point where the entire financial industry is effectively metabolically dependent on the central bank kool aid.

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it is like propping up a dead carcass.

good analysis will watch SPY as suggested to see what comes next. Thank you

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I hope also by this Steemit medium to be able to open some peoples eyes as to what is happening with the Stock Markets. Every record of every type has been broken, multiple times, all in the face of the lowest volatility EVER recorded. The levels now are simply biblical. We have 6 years normal Stock market growth crammed into 12 months., but GDP remains more or less the same, as do wages. Demographics is reducing the number of people participating in work but the markets ignore this. They now also ignore even the most basic fundamentals ( RSI 90 for example ) , Bad economic data, bad NFPs, bad geo-political events, bad news and now, they are even trying to ignore increasing rates and the Bond market itself !! There are no reference points to this, Its just never happened before. We recently had a 1000 point gain in just 6 trading days. The FED have built the famous "everything" bubble. Now What ? This is the most baseless market rally on record. All apparently because of Lower Corporate Taxes, which will be higher than what the big companies pay anyway. It will only increase FED Debt, Govt Debt and deficits will expand as well. Whats worse, there is no exit plan possible.
I will be posting some thoughts on this in the coming days.

I have been following your analysis, though this is my first comment i just want to let you know that your doing a great job

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With the economic optimism, the enthusiasm of tech companies and the help of well-informed corporate balances, the bullish market this year accelerated globally, bringing the value of all stock markets to $ 100 trillion. Can the rise in the stocks continue for a while but the effect of the monetary tightening policies of the central banks can be called as the beginning of the correction movements in the stock market in the second half of 2018? @mafsteem @marketreport

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