Today's "Pressure" On Cryptocurrencies Is Bearish For Stocks. By Gregory Mannarino

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Cash making it's way either into or out of crypto's has proven to be a measure of risk, a leading indicator in fact, for stocks.

It seems that after the recent selloff in stocks, and what appeared as a V-shaped recovery, well stocks are stalling-and cash is also coming out of cryptocurrencies.

I view this as a short term bearish signal, one in which we can capitalize on!

By watching closely using a technical trading system, I believe that we can get darn close to entering a short position say against an index and take advantage of a new drop in stock prices.

Happy Trading!

Gregory Mannarino

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Live with purpose, make a difference. very motivational quote..
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Oh this is not good news at all :(

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What system is "technical trading system" @marketreport ??
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Use what you are comfortable with. I happen to like my RIP System, or Evo System (no longer available), however there are others.

I use all 3 of your systems .. i.e EVO, RIP and also the compression&expansion ...swapping between them.
Edit: lol, i was misreading .. I thought it said "the" technical system.. Not "a".
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Short term bearish signal.... Thanx for the update Gregory... much appreciated!!!
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Thank you for helping me avoid the bait and switch tactic today with the fed announcement as the distraction

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Talking to business owners in food, so far 2018 is down 50% with just a handful of up days.

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Last time i mean in early feb when crypto currencies were crashing, the stock market was also crashing.

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I've been saying that cryptos are correlated to the market for a while now. I think that we're going to see more volatility in both the market and the cryptos before things turn bearish decisively in the 3rd quarter.

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They will not let this Market fail while #Trump is in office. They cannot afford to even let the Petro-Dollar be taken away with Trump. There would be NO BAILOUT and no TO BIG TO FAIL under a President Trump and for that reason alone they will prop it however they can.

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