(VIDEO). THE HAMMER FALLS ON THE DOLLAR Plus! I Sing A Song For You. By Gregory Mannarino

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The hammer is falling on the dollar and the mainstream media continues to ignore it.
Moreover, the dollar has a lot further to fall.

Plus At the end of this video I will personally sing you a song! Do not miss this one...

Gregory Mannarino @marketreport
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The dollar demise sooner or later will start to really impact the sheeple who are totally asleep at the wheel, but for now the zombie apocalypse as you like to call it is in full effect.

btw, love the effort with the song brother, but maybe you should stick to your other talents! :)

La la la i am getting poorer thank lalala you F lalala E lilola la la D and you elites are getting our money lalala ooooyeaaaah

Gold is up too

When foreign dollar holders, release the Kraken, the dollar tsunami is going to show what dollar velocity is and what it means to price inflation. Lots of dollars eating up limited resources.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I skipped directly to the song!

good stuff

LOL Greg, I made up a rap about USD for the online trading community probably at the same time you were doing your vid! Mine went like this:

Dixie down bith, Dixie down bith
Make a dive for the ground
Make me yen for the pound
Yellen and Company
Doing Humpety Dumpety
Humpty Dollah ya so cracked up
Ya need viagra make-up

I used to buy milk with a Washington bill
Now it can't even buy a video thrill
Make me feel weak when listen to the Fed
They just waitin till the dollah is dead....

Dixie down bith, DXY down bith

Hi Greg, after watching this video......I've come to the conclusion that you need to GET SOME SLEEP!!
Silly ....brother...SILLY!!! lol keep up the GREAT job!! STEEM on. Upvoted. :C)

Awesome video greg full of knowledge and info.

sung to the tune of "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow"

"The dollar gets crushed tomorrow
bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
you're gonna pay!

Tomorrow, tomorrow
we'll all pay tomorrow
If Yellen would have her way-y-y-y-

Tomorrow, tomorrow
We're yellin' for Yellin
oh, please won't you go awa-a-a-a-a-y!

TVIX got up to 24 + in the afternoon, but fools decided to buy the dips towards market close.. Even those out of the market are making a big mistake by not going short or using volatility products.

made 84% on VXX yesterday

nice song greg fed is really destroying the dollar with no end and i wish you a very happy weekend thanks for sharing.

Greg when has the FED ever got something right. They are late in whenever they raise or lower rates. Look at the value of the dollar since they came into existence. Lets end the FED.

Not looking forward to paying $100 for a cheeseburger ....

Lower dollar = higher precious metals
Lower dollar = higher prices, especially overseas imports
Lower dollar = higher crypto-currencies!

Upvoted and Resteemed.

Your advice on the Collapsing Dollar is spot on. I am getting so tired of hearing about the economy being so good when it is not.
All Lies!!!

The Cryptocurrency Challenge [BTC, LTC, ETH, & STEEM]
The Gold & Silver Futures Challenge
The Fiat Currency Crash Challenge

Great results! Thanks for sharing

really sir if hamer is falling then a big signal to fall it

Lol enjoy your weekend.

I don't even buy things unless I really need to. I remember when the $1.00 candy bar used to only cost me 10 cents. Losing value.

Hey ppl look at jeff berwicks video on bitcoin! its really cool!

if dollar fall with this signal how long time its fall

great post & video. Thanks For Share.

Hey greg your great at what you do, everything but singing that is.

The fat lady is singing too!

I reckon we could write a script for 'Mannarino the Musical' and make it about one man's crusade to save everybody's purchasing power and to proliferate options trading.

Hell No I Am Not Happy About This ! I Want To Tear This System Down ! Forgive All Debt, Go Back To The Gold Standard, And Get Globalist Bums Out Of America, And Go Back To The US Constitution And The Bill Of Right Now !

Thanks for the news update

Thanks Greg, I thought I heard a cry from my wallet, turned out I really did,cuz it's hammer time.

@marketreport Thanks for share!!!!!!!!

The main stream are paid idiots. Its not often you get paid for actually been stupid but the main stream media is an exception.
Nice song Greg but don't give up the day job :)

You forgot to add >>> "...and if you are going to steal Joe...JUST Joe's lingo by using words like spew and saying crap like Alan Greenspam comes here to see what you have to say, at least give proper credit to Joe ....JUST Joe!" :-)

Thanks Greg. Switching to something that can't be crushed..

Thanks for the updates Greg. Greetings from the Netherlands!

hahaha, I thought you were going to sing Duck and Cover or something...great little song :)

Really informative !
thank you so much for update !!

Thanks Greg,

DUDE! Now that's entertaining financial delirious news! Great job Greg!

thanx for ur daily updates it grows our trade knoledge and many help in trades

Great video Greg. As for the dollar, I think that the fall is due to more war spending/ government deficit. Therefore, they will have to print more to fund this war. I suppose the inverse would have happened if it was an other nation.

Only in Slavelandia USA.

when you start singing I think you been watching too much of jsnip4 :)

really thanx for update with new post greg sir

I agree Greg, I can't stand Fox Business, Bloomberg/Pravda Media.
The Federal Reserve destroying American's Savings and the Dollar since 1913.

Greg if you have the time check out my post
The Watchman Letter: Can you spot the inflation Target ?
God Bless you and your family

Thanks for your kind information!

Im disappointed Greg I was expecting "Hammer to Fall" by Queen , handle bar moustache and your not a million miles off Freddie to be fair 🤣

Great video
thank you for sharing

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I am sorry to say that your signing is not good!
Your much better at other things man.

I am still waiting, The Dollar will eventually go below $90 and things should get a lot worse.

Very informative video...

I wish we could just remove inflation all together to tell you the truth. Who needs a central bank and the federal reserve?! What good have they ever done?
I have been following you on YouTube for a year now. I like your work you do, keep it up!

Nice song! ... Jim Rickards advice to watch October 15th, 2017

There are a lot of good people that report on the SDR and the economic collapse. There are a lot of other info too.
Jim seems to be just reading off a card everytime he is interviewed. It just seems so fake.
I would suggest ITM Trading and Mrs. Zang

You are right, there are others saying the same. Thanks, I will check ITM Trading and Mrs. Zang.

after all John Mcafee won 't have to eat his dick on public tv if the dollar continues like this, Bitcoin is $4080 as we speak and still going up (an the dollar down)

Greg, what are your thoughts on the new gold/silver backed digital currency BullionCoin (they say not cryptocurrency) that launches tomorrow (15th Aug)? I think it has been created by Andrew Maguire. http://www.goldvu.com/bullioncoin.html

Would this be an idea for anyone with a small amount of money to try, I am talking about someone with £100, £200 free, ie the lower end of the scale joe public!

I have just found this on YouTube which may be of interest regarding BullionCoin

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