Yes, You Can Rip The Face Off This Market! By Gregory Mannarino

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@marketreport...great to profit from all your experiences. upvoated and resteemed.

Gregory's experience is Priceless!

@healthiswealth...Gregory is ingenious money machine.

Yes Gregory is making money selling option ect. but he would be up 10x if he invested more into Crypto's.

@healthiswealth...he realize more and more the altcoins. that's why he has certain charts now on the page. but still cryptos are more risky. in the stock market he knows exactly what's going on.

Gregory is great and all but to say he knows exactly what is going on is a bit over zelus.
How are Crypto's more risky then Stocks?
I have been trading stocks for 12 years and from personal experience Crypto's are Way less risky then Stocks. And I still own a lot of Good Stocks.

@healthiswealth...I never really was trading stocks. It's good to know that cryptos are less risky.

Crypto's are Far less risky then stocks.

I respect Gregory most for his generosity with his knowledge and his money.

Always Give Back! it is.

@mafsteem @marketreport Mr. Robin Hood analyzes the movements in the stock market very accurately.he really gives his nickname.He helps us to make money by telling us the forecasts on the stock market..
Thank you so much Robin Hood :)

@aquia10...right said lion.

Thanks Greg, Ill check it out :)

Been a long time subscriber on Youtube, since before I joined crypto even.

It's great that you're here in the Steemit space now too to help everyone to make more profit!

Keep Steeming @marketreport!

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Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted Resteemed. BYOCB.

Unquestionably head and shoulders.

Substantially more drawback to come.

A debt of gratitude is in order for the outline.

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We'll generally be here for you, Greg, to help talk you down after the fed gatherings - upvoted and resteemed

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I have all your publications and can say its improved my trading and opened my eyes to the financial world. Can't say enough about the first book I bought - Politics of Money - Wow!

I think "RIP SYSTEM." is a great name for a system, lol!

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Greg i admire your work but i think you should give it break and enjoy life a little more. We all know the markets and economies are rigged and manipulated. Theres nothing we can really do about it besides ripping the face off the market and riding the wave of prosperity. If we cant beat them then lets join them.

#sir you are the best stock master i always appriciate your efforts on market and now with this suggestion is more brilliant sure i will try it when i will start my trade

Thank you Greg for everything! I've been following you for years now and I'm not a sheep anymore loll

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Greg, just watched your recent interview on USAWatchdog - fantastic! Although Mr. Hunter's concern about the new exec order allowing seizure of funds of corrupt entities is interesting and may return significant money to our country, I loved your reply warning people that the system is rigged against them, and we have to act to protect ourselves. You have a wonderful heart and true caring for the common man. God bless you!

Thank you for sharing this link.

It's great that you're here in the Steemit space now too to help everyone to make more profit!.upvote and resteem sir.thanks


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