@slayer10...Good possible it will be like this. But Bitcoin can go also to 50000. Where is the value of Bitcoin? It doesn't serve as money (slow and expensive). It never will be a store of value in my view because it is not unique like Gold. Bitcoin can get forked so the limitation of 21mio. is not working. It can get manipulated trough China because 80% of mining is in China. Good possible this miners are allready manipulating Bitcoin to get higher transaction-fees. I read you have to pay 13$ for 1 transaction. There are many many risks in Bitcoin. Go for Altcoins. Mine are Ether and Steem.

Yes, 80% of miners are in China. But more than 75% of Bitcoin's money is in America. And there's a fast-growing mining work. Does not this take the advantage of China?
@mafsteem @marketreport

@slayer10..."But more than 75% of Bitcoin's money is in America". As I understand the system, the miners decide which transaction is right or not. The money in US has to trust the miners in China. It's even worse. The future markets in US tries to dump Bitcoin like Gregory Mannarino is telling. "fast-growing mining work". The tendency is even more China. 2 years ago there was below 50% mining in China. Now it's 75%+ and in 1 year there will be probably 90% in China. This is a very dangerous dependence. The same with Litcoin, Bitcoin Cash. Ethereum is much more cautious. They have now also by 50% mining in China but are already changing to proof of stake. This way there is no dependence from China anymore.

At the same time, the mining industry is developing in America. And after a while will not be independent of China? @mafsteem

@slayer10...I don't see this tendency. Power is much more cheaper in China then in US.

@marketReport but this should not be it? Is not it right to create your own business site and not be connected to external forces? Why is there no accelerated work on this issue? Or is there I do not have that much detail :)

@slayer10...Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum) wanted exactly to do that with Bitcoin in 2013 (Proof of Stake and Smart Contracts). But the community didn't. That's why he was founding Ethereum. That's why I explain all the time, forget about Bitcoin, buy Ether. Status-Token is a Token on Ethereum-Plaform. It tripled the last 7 days. There is also OmiseGo, Populous, Veritaseum and plenty others. With Ether you do everything right. If you want to take more risk then a Token from Ethereum is a possibility. Many projects are very interesting but too risky for me. So I stay with Ether. But also Steem.

Gregory Mannarino just made a share and yes SteMe is quite logical to invest. Everything you say makes sense. I think it's steem and ethereum after that. But now the bitcoin is increasing at intervals. Profits can still be sustained with the right moves from Bitcoin. @mafsteem

I also want to mention that. You are one of the few people on this social network that respects thought, takes time, reads and answers. This is very nice. Thank you for your respect before everything .. I respect you endlessly. @mafsteem

Don't forget SALT -
SALT Lending - Blockchain Backed Loans that lets you leverage your blockchain assets to secure cash loans.

They make it easy to get money without having to sell your favorite investment.

Ethereum will go ahead of bitcoin in the next 1 year... @mafsteem @slayer10

@beyfendi...Maybe already in 1 year. But for sure in the long run.

Yes it will win this game that does not act impatien.. @mafsteem

Bitcoin? Good call @mafsteem!

BTC will be $50K by end of June.

Which would make BCH $10k

@healthiswealth...This is very possible. I check also the fundamentals of a crypto. Bitcoin and also BCH is very risky in my view. Especially the 80% mining in China is very dangerous. With Ether I don't have this risk.

Which crypto's do you own? or wish to own?

@healthiswealth...I own Ether and Steem. This ones convinced me the most so far. I'm collecting info from everywhere about cryptos. So maybe there comes a wish to buy an other one. I just buy Cryptos with use in real life not just a build up project. This way I gain less but I think it's more secure.

I am heavy into LTC, Verge, BTS, ETH, Doge,

@healtiswealth...a very good mix and diversified. I will study more Verge and Doge. BTS I have an eye on it. Yesterday I suggested slayer10 to buy LTC.

@healthiswealth...Thanks for the video. Amazon is very interesting. LTC has big potential. I just don't like the mining part (China). But that's a personal thing.

I have read a few articles about BitCoin's value will be so much higher.expected to be 30k in a very short time, there are even waiting to be 40k.In this case, BitCoin is a very sensible investment,is not it? @mafsteem @marketreport