Is it okay to give poor people money ?

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Its always good to assist the poor whenever we can but we shouldn't take the glory of helping them or try to rubbish the image of those that we help whether privately or publicly.


That is a good question. It depends on where you live. There is a lot of poverty and the real poor people in my country will never beg outside on the street nor threatening or manipulating people. They feel ashamed.

Too lazy to work is also not a reason to help out.

I helped out many people and the only thing they learned from it is that there is no need to work if you can manipulate someone and get it for free.

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You have said it all... In most part my country, people are more than ready to beg outside the streets while rubbing their hands all over you until you hand out some cash to them. Even the child beggars are not left out from this act.

In the suburbs we have those we call the "Corporate Beggars". This categories are well dressed, speaks
very well and would tell you one story or the order just to get cash from you! If it not how their wallets were just stolen, it would be that they need more money to foot their transportation bills, or buy breakfast/lunch/dinner etc.

They set of people are just lazy and don't believe in hard work!

Once I was willing to help someone out with starting a garden to provide in his own food and sell the rest on the market. The answer: it is a job for old people. A shop was also not good enough.

We have these fake beggars too. Stand in front of the supermarket sell a fake newspaper for the homeless. Nobody buys it but people give 1 or 2 euro. They earn about 300-500 euro a week (5 days and start at 9:30).
Whole family does. The real homeless left and are scared away.

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Dear @straighttalk

The problem with majority of poor people (and Im talking about those begging since those will be the ones asking about money) is that being poor is mostly their mindset. Many beggers out there have money. More than they need.

But they do not have any other skill (except of begging) so that's what they will continue doing.


Wow! What a revelation...

If ask, i gracefully would love to, if not probably no. Like when beggar in the streets aproach you or meet you in the eye😎

Yaa, I can sure related to that feeling... Some beggars have no chill once they set eyes on you especially when you look like a very rich man/woman!

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