They had some good news. So we may see another impulse pretty soon. I'm really wishing XVG would moon before TRON. The charts make me drool. At least MCO, EOS, XLM did well for me.

Same here. I m hoping so much that verge goes up to 0.25-0.30 then i get my huge losses back and can jump to trx and the rest i ll split in about 7 coins/tokens.... but it seems to take his time .....ZzzZzzzZZz

It is so funny to see the news arrive to justify any chart by the elliot waves.

I really hope so ,I also have been holding a back of verge for a while now .The charts that make me drool is the civic chart .An amazing price potenial

added to my position in CVC last night. I am gearing up on promising charts/great project pairs for potential long term HODLing. CVC is on that list for sure.

Very true about Civic. It's really useful. But at the moment not many are utilizing their services. It could easily be $50 in 2-3 years unless competition get tough. Keep an eye on Metaverse. They are chewing more than they could swallow but if they do pull off, NEO would become meh in the eyes of everyone.

Metaverse now officially on my watch list . Keep an eye on digibyte it's sleeping giant .

I saw it few months ago and it was the better and more legit Bitcoin. You could pretty much all it the real Bitcoin. I'd still prefer Dash I see it hitting 20K this year. But I do have to agree that DGB is a sleeping giant.

Civic $50 in 2/3 years? I dont think so. There are far better competitors.

same for xvg/btc at Binance.

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