Its time frames.... $1 then $5.50 then over $100, my call

lol now Mcap of verge is 2 billion, it need to be 1176 billion, to have price 100$

$100 is little high, but $5 is realistic for end of 2018. Nobody knows where crypto goes, but for sure nobody thought it will be where it is now for end of 2017. So lets expect the unexpected and say $1.7 is pretty good and realistic for now.

Monero is only 6.5 billion mcap w over $400 price tag. Just a few short months ago wasnt worth shit. What am i missing?

Monero have such a better set up than Verge. When Verge get there new website up etc, that will be the news that comes to jusitfy the forcast.

Exactly! And verge has the ability to take monero down, biggley! :)

But now the whales are tearing XVG apart, I just saw at Bittrex
They are buying and selling with 10 satoshi differencial only

you aren't considering the circulating supply as well as the max circulating supply. ripple has a much much larger circulating supply and so considering basic supply and demand concepts, the supply is far greater therefore the price increase will not be comparable. the only reason bitcoin is worth what it is is because of its very small circulating supply.

I consider much. Ty kindly

You need to make a difference between longterm and shortterm. Longterm is >1 year, shortterm is on verge 1 or two month. Verge loves moving sidewards. If you are pissed cause of his "predictions", make your own "predictions" and get out. By the way, his predictions are technical anaylisis and just help you to orientate in the market. He is never telling anything about time, just about price. So you have nothing to claim.

he predicted 1,7$ not 5$ so there is a big difference

he also predicted $5.50, but that was before the missed deadline and was not for beginning of 2018. @Haejin always says that time is hard to predict, not the value.

and yet, almost a year later, and the price if far far away from his target...