⚡️ [Reward Post # 12] Upvote this post to win from the post rewards.

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Results of Reward Post # 10

Total payout in the form of SBD was 5.75 SBD ~ 51 upvotes + 6 Resteems

1 - @saadmehmood - 1.91 SBD

2 - @rayne122 - 1.91 SBD

3 - @infini8y- 1.91 SBD

The following users were also selected but could not qualify for the prize

@sandoyan, @sjmstem, @sakilansary and @zahid0406 for not following @trlotto

No one was disqualified for not meeting the upvote criteria.

To participate

Simply give a 100% upvote on this post


an upvote worth $0.50*

*Additional entry on every $0.50 value of upvote till a maximum of 10 entries. For Example, a 2$ upvote will get you 4 + 1 entries.

You need to follow trlotto in order to qualify for the prize.

If you aren't following, the next person on the list will be selected as a winner

Re-Steeming this post is optional, but doing so will earn you an extra entry !!

Check @trlotto blog for more reward posts

Provably fair : Users are selected using list randomizer available on random.org, with the hash of the very first BTC block mined on the payout day (UTC Time) as a persistent identifier. You can get a list of entries here and check it out for yourself.


Wow I am again in the winner list. Got my prize. Thanks @trlotto

You sure are lucky in this matter...

yeah since childhood :p

May Lady luck shine on you all for the next prize :-)
Of course i am in again :-)
thx Mr @trlotto

We'd surely like to see some luck shine on you..:-)

All the best !!!

Finally !!!
Thanks for the prize :)

Thank you TRLotto. Infini8y's first win. Upvoted and Resteemed.
Let's win again. Finger crossed :)

If i have my voting power charged 50% i must wait until 100%?

Did you stop your game ?