Would be interesting to get this charted and put some elliot waves on his follower counts :)

That would take some programming skill to gather data. I only know basic programming.

It's too long since I did any programming :/
The data should be ok to extract and present, maybe there already is a steem app doing this?

I don't know any apps currently doing this. is down for some reason. One could have taken their data to make a graph. could also be crawled for data if you know how to write the App.

Many apps have had trouble connecting to steem lately, might be the reason

What do you think we are, gamblers? Like we want to take risks with our money?? :D

I was expecting this wonderful thing called "Backbone" which is colloquially referred as Balls. The informed being make ballsy bets when they see a good winning opportunity:
@haejin for #14 for the time being and @vimukthi for say..... #1000

why 4 hours?

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